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Gentry Church

Joie Welker led us in prayer to start our service.

In our Sunday school class, our lesson was from John, chapter 4. Jesus brings life to all, even those who are despised in the world. We too can drink of the water of life and experience a new life.

Happy Birthday wishes goes out to Bro. Riley Hall, Becky Young and Brenda Hampel.

Happy Anniversary wishes goes out to Joie and Stacy Welker.

Kelsey and Kendra Young received graduation certificates from Children’s Church.

Friday, April 27 at 7 p.m. we are having a family game and fellowship night. Bring your favorite games and finger foods.

Our sympathy and prayers goes out to Judy Spinner family in the death of her husband.

Our prayers go out to Pam Eaves who is once again home recovering from her second hip surgery.

Special song was by Ramona Henning and also Matt Welker.

Gentry Church hosted the Fourth Sunday Singing and many attended our church dinner before enjoying the singing. The next Fourth Sunday Singing is the 24th of June at Faith Rock Church.

Pastor Hall’s morning message was from Luke, chapter 15 – The Return of the Prodigal Son. The angels of God rejoice more over one sinner that repenteth than 99 righteous people. We must seek and save the one who is lost.

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