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Gentry Church

We started our Easter Sunday with many attending our Sunrise Service and breakfast and afterwards the children joined in the egg hunt.

In our Sunday school class we studied about the living word. Because of Jesus Resurrection, all of us who receive Him personally can be sure of our own resurrection one day.

Our special program was by the children’s bell choir, assisted by Sharon Ginder, Stacey Welker and Sheila Miller. They did such a good job with these kids, ages 2-12.

Special song was by quartet of Janice Young, Faye Allen, Brenda Hampel and Wanda Casady. Also a song and reading by Narvil Tetrick.

Visiting with Sharon and Jim Ginder this weekend were their children from Georgia.

Wes and Brenda Hampel introduced their new little grandson, Preston. It was his first day at church. He had breathing problems when he was born, but is now off the monitor. God answers prayers.

Remember Marilyn Bazel in your prayers. She is home after having an emergency of some stints put in for her heart.

Pastor Hall’s morning message was a video of a picture of  the tomb believed to be where Jesus lay and text taken from Matthew 28:1-8. The stone was rolled away, he awoke and came forth from the tomb leaving His grave clothes and folded napkin. Christ is risen. He arose by His own power over death and the grave.

We had many visitors this morning and we certainly invite them back. You are always welcome at Gentry.

Our evening service, we read verses from the Bible starting with some in Matthew and some in Acts, telling the story from the crucifying of Christ to the ressurrection then the day of Pentecost. Then we had communion in rememberance of the price Jesus paid for us.

Our special song was by Wendell, Faye, Wanda and Brenda, and Rod and Wanda sang, also the Reich family, Kevin, Hannah and Keaton sang some for us.

This special Sunday was a good day of worship in our Lord.

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