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My goodness it’s sure coming a good old rain here on our hillside. We was needing a good rain in the yard and my little garden especially the hay fields and pasture. I just don’t like the storms that goes along with all the rest.

We had really good services at Frye Church this morning. Bro. Ken Melton was our speaker. A friend of his, Bro. Bob Walker from Kansas, sang a beautiful song.

Levi and Randee Jo went to Columbia to a bow shoot this weekend. I don’t know how they did. Jordan Evans and James Hinrich went with them. I just pray that they had a good time and a safe trip.

Well turkey season opens in the morning. All these young guys are all excited about shooting a turkey.

I have always enjoyed the Little Creek items and I just want to say a great big Amen to Ms. Ruby for her last weeks items. I’m sure there were many that agreed with her.

Not much news here to write about so I”ll sign off for this week.

Keep the boys and girls in the military in your prayers and tell somebody about Jesus.

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