My goodness what an awesome weekend we had here at Grandma’s house.

This weather is something to be thinking about, and I think it’s got everybody saying “What is July and August going to be.” The old meter poles will be turning with all the air conditioners turned on high.

Oh well we just have to have faith cause it tells us in God’s word that he won’t put more on us then we can handle.

Riley came down and spent the weekend here with me and Ethan and they went turkey hunting since it was youth season and Riley got a really nice turkey.

They also went fishing and Levi and Randee Jo and Seth Shots went with them. They brought home enough suckers for a fish fry at church.

Ken came down early Sunday morning. He wasn’t here very long. Then Randy and Carson came Sunday night and picked up Riley. I think he had a really good weekend. We sure did enjoy having him here with us.

Raegan plays ball so she had a ballgame at Fair Grove so she didn’t get to come down.

Well it’s Monday morning and I always ask myself, “Where do I start or which room do I start in?”

Kelly is my life saver, she’ll be here on Tuesday.

Well, I’ll sign off for today, so keep praying for our boys and girls in the military.