Faith Rock Church

The month of March went fast and now April is here with Easter next Sunday.  I don’t know about weather for April but it has been very warm for March.  The weatherman today said a chance for storms this week.

We had a nice dinner at Church the last Sunday in March for birthdays and anniversaries.  Sis. Loretta had a birthday and our little teen, Tina this past week and we wish them a happy year ahead.

I asked daughter Sherry how the Easter egg at the City Park turned out Saturday.  She said they had put out 5,000 eggs and had a good turnout for it.  She was glad for all those that sponsored it and they were able to give out some good prizes.  I have been going to the soccer games on Saturday and they have a tremendous group of people out for those games.  Sherry drove to Cabool last Tuesday for a volleyball game there.  I went with her and the girls.  I enjoy watching the volleyball and basketball games.

We had good services Sunday Pastor Dewitt’s sermon was from Leviticus 23:1-8, reminding us it was Palm Sunday.  God ordained Sunday as a day of rest, no buying or selling on Sunday.  We have gotten away from that and maybe we shouldn’t have.  Also his scripture was from Matthew 6:24-26-34, Matthew 26:17-25 and Luke 21:25-28; part of the sermon leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection.

Our Sunday school class study in Nehemiah came to an end with Bro. Fleetwood teaching on “Returning to Godly Standards”, instead of “what’s in it for me”.  We need to conform to the ways and standards of Jesus, Our Lord and soon coming King.  After Easter Sunday we will be studying on the “Gifts of the Spirit”, the way the spirit desires to work through us to build up Christ’s church.  Next Sunday will be our day to minister at the nursing home.  It being a holiday, I hope we have several that can go.

Sunday night Sis. Dewitt preached, we had a good service as usual.  We had lots of special singing with Sis. Loretta, Bro. Dewitt, Bro. Roland Carson singing a song.  Bro. Darrell and Betty Hesterlee singing Sis. Marie Long’s old song.  I will always remember Sis. Long singing that song.  Sis. Debbie and Ashley McHaffie sang and Leah and Tina sang a special.

Sis. Loretta’s message was from Genesis 25:20-34, Genesis 27:10, Psalms 22:27-31 and Hebrews 12:14-17, this sermon was about the twin sons of Isaac and Rebecca, Esau and Jacob and how Jacob stole the birthright of his older brother Esau for only a bowl of lentils.  The mother and dad made a difference in their children and Rebecca connived a way to get her favorite son, Jacob the birthright that was handed down from Abraham.  She said that we today can sell out for so little that we can lose our inheritance with God.  Be careful what you sell out to even if it’s a small thing it may be too high a price to pay.

We had several out sick Sunday.  We are to pray for Sis. Lena and Bernie Hutchison, they are in real need of prayer, also Bro. and Sis. Ross Martin.  Sis. Mary Mason and her mother Sis. Charlotte Brown and a special prayer for Sis. Janell Mitche, who hasn’t been able to be with us for some time.

Want to mention starting this Thursday night 7:00 pm, music live at Ava Theatre, I believe the Bressler’s group will be the first of the season, donations only.  Everyone welcome.

We welcome you to Faith Rock Church every Sunday if you don’t have a home church and want you to feel welcome any Sunday.  I hope to get to go some to the revival at the church of the Living God this week.  I’ve heard Bro. Dalton before and he’s a good Evangelist.  God Bless.