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Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

I don’t know what happened to our warm weather, I guess it had to remind us it is till spring. We have three tomatoes planted and have covered them up three different nights. I feel sorry for those with a garden full of plants and having to get them covered and uncovered. I hope this is the last cold spell and we can all finish planting our gardens. I also hope it didn’t get cold enough to hurt our blackberry plants.

Speaking of colds it seems we have a lot of people around the area that have the summer cold already. We have a hard time getting through song service without a little bit of coughing, and some hoarseness.

I am a little behind and didn’t tell you about the Easter cookies that the youth made two weeks ago. We mixed them up Sunday morning and put them in the oven and finished the story and ate the cookies Sunday night. It has a great message and a good way to tell the Easter Story. The cookies are empty in the middle when they are done representing the empty tomb. They still tasted good too. Abby and Sarah led our youth night song service, Jessie asked for special songs and Kyle led the testimony service. Jon was the preacher on youth night.

This past week, our crowd was down a little. We still have some sickness among our congregation and even one in the hospital. We were really glad to have Jane be with us for church service. She calls us home, but because of health doesn’t get to come very often. Jane is spending a few days with Jackie and doing some visiting. I heard them talking about a women’s dinner out to celebrate some birthdays with Alice and Gracie, I hope they had a great time.

This Saturday night will be our women’s study night, about 7, come and join us. We can all learn more about God together. We are studying a book, and we will be discussing the first three chapters this week.

I didn’t go up to see my mom this week, I was a little under the weather, and didn’t want to spread my germs. I also had my granddaughter, Alexis, Saturday night. She went to church with us Sunday, then she and Shawn ate dinner with Roger and I.

As you are planting your flowers and garden this spring watch it grow and come to life. This is what a Christian does when they share the word of God with others. The words spread and grow and start to grow new life, that is new life in Christ. Go plant your words of God’s love.

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