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Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend. Roger and I both had Good Friday off of work so we had a three day weekend. I think we made good use of the time, but it sure went by fast.

Sunday we started off our Easter services with a big breakfast. The cooks arrived about 7:00 o’clock to start cooking and it seemed like we cooked lots and lots of food. By 9:30 the crowd had arrived and it was time to start. Donald opened with a word of prayer and asked the blessing on the food. We had a large crowd and the food quickly disappeared. The late comers were left with pancakes and a few biscuits and jelly. It seemed like we had tons of food prepared, but we should have known that Peggy’s gravy would not last long. She makes great gravy. Virginia made the pancakes, and Alice and I helped with the rest of the breakfast. There was a lot of donated food which sure helped. The youth raised money for a future event.

We went from breakfast into our church service with singing and a few specials sung, then Donald preached for us. After services the youth went out and had a big egg hunt. I think the adults even enjoyed getting their candy to eat.

We had a place set for “angel crossing,” for the kids to go through to egg hunt and for some reason Donald thought that was for him. I keep telling him he doesn’t have his wings yet.

Sunday night Jon Mitchell preached for us, our crowd was down a little. We still had a good service. I always enjoy hearing him preach. Jon’s parents were also there and we talked them into singing for us.

I know several families had plans for Easter dinner, I hope they found lots of candy and had good laughter and made great memories. Ourc children and grandkids came over late in the afternoon and we  had a big egg hunt. We enjoyed just sitting around the yard talking, playing with the kids and eating boiled eggs.

Now it’s time to start planning for the rest of our spring events please come and join us, if you have no other place to go.

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