Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

It is truly unbelievable the wonderful weather we have been having. The sunshine is warm and it feels like summer. I know several have gotten bitten by garden fever. I have put out a couple of tomatoes. I hope it doesn’t come a cold spell. Imagine I could have tomatoes by June. If it doesn’t rain we are talking about getting the rest of the garden planted and I know other friends and neighbors are doing the same thing.

This weekend is Easter Sunday, I hope you have plans to be in church somewhere. I know of two churches that are having Sunrise services. Our church is going to start with breakfast about 9:30, then we will sing and have preaching. Our egg hunt will follow services. You are always welcome to come and join us. We would love to have a church full or perhaps a yard full as we plan to have services outside if weather permits.

Next Sunday is youth Sunday and we already have plans made for that day. You have to come every Sunday to keep up with all the things that God has planned. Rachel is trying to keep us organized, she printed us a calendar. I hope everyone got a copy Sunday. She is going to try to print one every month.

We had a great women’s study night last week. We started a book about experiencing God. Tina is teaching the class and we started out talking and she gave us a book and even homework. I don’t think she will grade us, but I do know that the more you put into anything, the more you will get out of it. That is true in life, work and your walk with God. God wants us to give him our time and our attention. We had a drawing for a devotional book and Miss Sarah Hampton won the book. We picked on her a little bit, but we are very proud of this young lady and hope she makes a good use of this book.

I spent my weekend getting ready for next weekend. I filled lots of Easter eggs. ( I have some for church and for my grandkids.) I bought lots of candy. (I know several of my kids have a sweet tooth). I even have some eggs to color, but I didn’t get that done yet. I also kept my granddaughter, Alexis. Imagine this was still in March and we went down and waded in the creek. There were some years we had snow in March and this year it’s warm enough to wade in creeks. I didn’t get up to see my mother, I know being busy in no excuse.

Remember this week that the life you are living was made possible because Jesus loved you enough to give His life for you, and that through Him all things are possible.