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Do you remember not so very many years ago when the media was encouraging everyone to use savings accounts, etc?  That is a great idea however, have you paid much attention to the interest being paid on checking accounts, savings accounts, certificates of deposit, etc.?  At the rates being offered these days there isn’t much incentive for saving, if you are fortunate enough to have a few dollars to put aside.

Off to Springfield last Wednesday for another medical appointment.  Nice thing about this trip was that my dentist, Dr. Guy Bates, had called and asked me to drop by.  I had won one of their drawings and was treated to a gift certificate at Target – a store I’d never visited previously. When in Dr. Bates office I learned that one of the staff is originally from Ava (Irby family) and another patient there was also from this area.  A few years ago a lady from Dogwood (Walker) worked in this office.  Many years ago Dr. Bates sons attended school in Ava.

Here is a good one to give you a chuckle.  An unknown person placed an advertisement in a newspaper in the Ash Grove area giving my phone number and saying my place is a “No Kill Shelter” for stray dogs.  This means someone reading this column and learning about all the stray dogs that find their way here completely misunderstood what I had written and decided to advertise for me.  So far, two calls have come in from that area asking about my shelter.  Just so everyone understands, stray dogs come here of their own volition (usually after being dumped) and I try to find the owners or new homes rather than having to remove their destroyed bodies off the highway.  Leslie Houk has been assisting in relocating dumped dogs.  Please, do not dump your unwanted, unloved, non-cared-for animals on Dogwood Hill, in fact, don’t dump them anywhere.  I can’t afford it and I don’t want my pets subjected to any animals that have not had proper immunizations.  These strays have not had collars with identification and do not carry vet papers with them!

In the past few days I’ve had phone calls from all four sons, grandchildren, parishioners of St. Leo’s, family and friends.  Everyone wants to know why my phone is “always” busy.  Well, sometimes I take it off the hook to catch a wee nap.  (“Always” is not a good word to use, especially in arguments.)  One caller advised me of the demise of a sister-in-law in Minnesota.  Doris was 91 years old, had been married to one of Willie’s brothers.  It took a lot of Internet search to find the obituary.  Now, only four of the 14 Boeddeker siblings are still with us and two in-laws.

Rory Boeddeker came by and picked up four cuttings of Weeping Willow that were in a bucket of water with root stimulator.  The Weeping Willow I planted in North Dakota in 1958 or 1959 is the source of those growing here and originally came from another of Willie’s brothers.  These are such graceful trees and did well way up north.  They do need lots of water.

Please do remember in prayer all those in need due to health, family, finances; and do pray for our nation.

From the desk of Jamey Herd: I am still recuperating from this bronchitis so I don’t have a lot of news from Pleasant Ridge Baptist.

I received word Thursday morning of the passing of a former Dogwood resident, Lori Thompson Horn. Lori is the sister to Ava resident Trooper Brian Thompson. The Thompson’s were our neighbors and our children grew up together. Lori was only 52 years old and an aneurysm is suspected in her death. I also received word from church member, Karen Hickman that her son-in-law’s grandmother passed away suddenly Thursday morning. An aneurysm was also suspected in her passing. There is so much sadness for everyone. Prayers go out to all these families.

It seems winter has returned to the Ozarks. We had frost Friday morning. Billy Joe brought in a persimmon sprout that was all wilted and turning black. I hope the early gardens haven’t been hurt very much.

Till next week, God Bless.

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