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Dogwood Ramblings

I had a nice visit with Lee Weller at Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center last Tuesday and heard the good news she will possibly return home this week.  While there I dropped in momentarily to introduce myself to Stella Stavely as I have been mailing her the church bulletins for the past few years.

Finally we had our appointment with Sarah at Soggy Doggy for Rascal (Shih-Tsu) to be groomed.  His coat was at least 4 inches long and after being shaved he looks like a different dog, adorable.  The long coat served him well through winter.  Now I have the huge job of grooming Stinker and Sushi – double coated American Eskimo miniature dogs.  Every time, their combed hair fills a plastic shopping bag and flies everywhere including all over me.  Good news for Buster.  Leslie Houk came Sunday to get him as she has found a home for him.  Buster is the latest stray, a Boston Pug.  I have been told that many people are moving away and just leaving their pets to survive on their own, some left in fenced yards with no food or water.  That, my dear readers, is cruelty.

I want to summarize and share what I read in the April 11th edition of The Heritage Foundation.  The Obama budget calls for adding $6.7 trillion to our debt.  He is promoting the “Buffet Rule” that would raise $47 billion over ten years, affecting what he considers the rich.  That would cover only one-half of one percent of his new spending.  Only spending reductions can get deficits down, not soaking the rich.  No wonder businesses and some wealthy individuals are relocating to other countries.  This weakens our economy.  By the way, the death tax is to reach 55% in 2013 and our unemployment roll now records 12.7 million people.

My sister is undergoing bladder cancer surgery on April 23rd and your prayers are requested.  Tina Chriss and I visited Tom and Rosie Harris last Thursday.  Tom is now under hospice care.  He is looking good, and your prayers for them will be appreciated.

“The difference between genius and stupidity is genius has its limits.”~Albert Einstein

By the time I was age 4 dishes had to be washed and dried immediately (my sister dried them) and beds had to be made before we left our bedroom.  Was it that way with you?  So, for over 70 years I have been making my bed daily – after all, someone may come into your house and look in your bedroom, as my mother taught.  That must mean I’ve made my bed thousands upon thousands of times.  How often does someone come into my home and check to see if my bed is made?  Never that I recall yet, that practice is so ingrained that if the bed isn’t made, in my mind the house is a mess.  And, of course, dishes must never be piled in the sink and countertops must be neat.  In the house where I grew up we had wood floors in the closets and once a week my sister and I had to take everything off those closet floors and damp mop them because, as my mother said, someone may look in the closet.  Heaven forbid that some nosy persons might find a dust bunny where they have no business sticking their noses.  Bless her heart, my mother grew up in poverty but also in cleanliness, and passed that on to this daughter.  I’ve mellowed though and often use a dish drainer or “hide” the dirty dishes in the dish washer. Mopping and vacuuming are done by need, not just because the floors are there. My parents left a legacy but I’ve relaxed on that quite a bit.  Age may have something to do with that!

Keith Moore’s “The Scoop article in last week’s paper on abortion is excellent.  People can offer what they want for excuses but, abortion is the murder of an innocent, a child of God.  The odds on rape and incest are very low yet, it is still an innocent child. Thousands would be so glad to adopt, especially a baby.

The recent rain is much appreciated and some ponds are overflowing.  Perhaps now is a good time to wash windows inside and out, once I find the energy for the project.

Jamey Herd called, very much under the weather.  She apologizes for not having anything for the column this week.  Get well, Jamey, we miss your reports on the Dogwood area.

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