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Dogwood Ramblings

Ramble (per Websters Dictionary): To move aimlessly from place to place; to explore idly; to write or talk in desultory or long-winded and wandering seems to be my thing. Much as I would love to bring to readers local comments and updated Dogwood events, it seems that few are willing to share so, I ramble on. I am open to criticism, sort of! Just don’t step on my faith.

I recently received news of disgusting activities in the Supreme Court. Apparently the liberal women of this court have been upholding the rights and feelings of criminals, in spite of the vile crimes they have perpetrated on their victims, most of them children. Last week I commented on anything goes but when the Supreme Court joins in with the rights of criminals to the detriment of the populace, we are in deep trouble. Whatever happened to the idea of victims rights?

As written in Romans 5:5 to us – Hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit that has been given. I have not lost hope and continue to pray for all and believe in forgiveness. However, one must not forget what criminals have done and must place them where they cannot repeat their crimes. Now, if the Supreme Court would just do what is best for our society, and stick to the Constititution, we could have even more hope.

At St. Leos the Holy Week was such a time of reflection. Holy Thursday we saw the washing of feet, just as Christ did for his 12 apostles at the Last Supper. Good Friday we gathered for the Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion and for contemplaction of Christ’s suffering, and for veneration. Easter Sunday was a joyous day for remembering Christ rising from the dead after having suffered under Pilate and being crucified. Two young ladies were baptized and then Reanna Boeddeker joined them for First Communion. All of Reanna’s family was there for her as well as specials friends.

Sunday afternoon family and friends came for Chinese food; Cashew Chicken, Rice, Egg Rolls, Mandarin Salad, Stir Fry, lemon pie and crunchy apple bars, etc. We always have such a good time sharing love and food, and catching up on each other no tales of yore this time. We were so happy that grandson Nick and his wife, Angel, were able to be with us as Nick is usually working out of state. Hopefully one of these family gatherings will see all of my family here.

Bob Wagner (bless his heart) mowed my ditches. The day after I mowed, the dandelion puff balls were at least 10 tall and the yard looked ragged again. With the price of gas it seems my yard is goind to look ragged most of this year. Then, Bob came back and mowed everything for me, a big job, as it seems I gave myself some sort of whiplash in my sleep and had to use ice packs and Tylenol for several days and Bob said I had no business being on the mower. So wonderful for our community that Bob and Dana moved here. Especially for me! Then, after Bob did the mowing I received a call from my oncologist that my biopsy was negative. Praise the Lord and thanks to all who prayed for me.

Patsy Williams said their Easter egg hunt on Sunday was much fun, the men had put out over 100 eggs, even friends came from Arkansas, and then they enjoyed a dinner. 9 year-old great granddaughter, Caden, spent the night with Pasty and great grandson, Gavin, spent all night with his cousin, Aidan, at Nick’s house. Saturday there was a baby shower for Virginia Cobb at Pleasant Ridge Baptist church, the baby, a girl, is due April 17. Virginia’s mother-in-law, Pam, did all the decorating. Patsy said there was a nice crowd at church on Sunday.

Buster, the Pug faced stray dog, is now out with my other three dogs. No one has come to claim him so he is here for now and I don’t want to have to take him to a pound, nor to turn him out on the highway. I truly would be happy if the owners would come to get him. Buster is quite friendly and not one problem occurred when he was introduced in the back yard with my two Eskies and the Shih-Tsu (also a stray) Have you priced dog food lately? Or veterianary bills?

I read in the Herald where one person said basically that good works are not a doorway to eternal life. My opinion is that good works come from a good heart and helps those in need. Did not our Lord tell us to love one another? If we have a good heart and do good works are we not living up to the Word of the Lord, and loving our neighbor? For instance, how about those who have gatherings to acquire funds to help someone  in the hospital, someone in deep debt from hospitalization or someone homebound from illness or injuries? Or perhaps those selfless people who work at the Food Harvest? How about the wonderful people who help with funerals and family needs following the loss of a loved one? They don’t do these things for profit, but for love of their fellow man. Those who see to it our churches are cleaned, decorated, and those yards mowed are doing good works. How about those in the healing/nursing field? What drew them to that? What of those to have taken up preaching the Word of the Lord (not usually a good paying profession)? Are they not doing good works? It seems to me that good works are indeed doing as the Lord asks and hopefully the stairwell and doorway to heaven will be open for those who help others, doing good works.

From the desk of Jamey Herd: He lives. It was a beautiful Sunrise service at Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church with a breakfast following. There was good attendance for the Sunrise service with even more coming for the regular service Sunday morning. It was a little chilly out after our unsual unseasonable warm spell. Sunday school saw us studying the crucifixion of Jesus for our sins. We have the movie The Passion of the Christ that showed the Hollywood version of the horrible death that Jesus suffered for us but have your really studied or thought about what a horrific death he suffered so that we might have eternal life? Or is it just a story that you have always heard and never really thought about the reality of it? Think about it.

I want to welcome all the visitors that came Sunday and invite you to come back regularly. Also thanks to everyone that gave specials. It was such a day I didn’t get individual news from anyone.

We were surprised with a visit from oldest son, Don, from Forsyth, for the breakfast. He had to leave soon after but it was good having him home for a brief visit. We left church early during morning worship and went to son, Ron’s, for Easter lunch. Robin served up a delicious meal for us.

On Saturday I drove to Springfield to meet up with daughter, Susan and family, for a short visit while they had their van serviced. We drove over to Sequiota Park where we were joined by Ron and Robin and family. The kids had a great time playing in the park. The cave was closed due to bat migration, but they climbed the rocks that are there and played on the playground equipment.  There were geese and swans on the small lake that is formed from the water flowing from the cave. We had sunshine when we first got there but it soon clouded up and got cooler. It was raining by the time I left Springfield, but we really need a lot more moisture.

Apparently the mushrooms are done. There have been very few stories of anyone finding any. It looks like the ticks and snakes will be plentiful this year though. Please be careful when outside even in your yards. One of the ladies in the church has already been bitten by a copperhead and she lives right in Seymour.

Have you been out and enjoyed a drive through the countryside? The grass is so green and lucsh and the Dogwoods, Redbuds and flowers have been in full bloom. I love Spring as it represents the renewing of life after a cold, dark, bleak winter. We are seeing several turkeys in the fields around us. Of course the coyotes with their new young ones are around every evening to keep our dogs disturbed and barking.

I think I have rambled enough so till next week, may the love of God and his son Jesus fill your hearts and keep you in His care.

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