Dogwood Ramblings

Fathom hypocrisy of a government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured…but not everyone must prove they are a citizen, this was supposedly said by Ben Stein. Let us hope and pray that the Supreme Court sees deep into the Obama Care fiasco and has the good sense and intestinal fortitude to cast it out. I, for one, do not think our medical care should be rational and we older folk directed to death counselors (probably community organizers of the ACORN ilk) while our taxpayer funds are paying for illegal immigrants lodging, food, incarceration, education, etc. There is nothing in this fiasco that is fait to us over 300 million citizens. Yet, our future depends on good common sense and on the justices realizing this is just a piece of the idiotic and unfair socialism being forced on us.

If the justices of the one court in the land whose sole purpose is to comprehend the law of the land, the Constitution – and then to judge whether any given piece of legislation meets its criteria – instead admits there is a piece of legislation too long and too complicated so that they are unable or unwilling to read, comprehend, and judge what’s the point in those justices, or law itself? Isn’t such government, by Constitutional definition, illegal? – this was a comment of a friend.

Probably most folk my age (older than dirt) remember when this nation was proud to be American. Back then no one would consider burning our National Flag. Immigrants struggled to learn English even though  it was not easy to do so, and they came here legally and worked for a living. If a child misbehaved in school a good spanking was applied at school, and most likely a spanking again after the miscreant returned home ( at least that happened to me.) Divorce didn’t run rampant as it does now, for the silly, narcissistic and idiotic reason given. As my father taught me if you make your bed (in life) you must sleep in it so make the best of your decisions. Children of divorce have a rough road and children with siblings having different fathers sans marriage have an even rougher road. Morality no longer seems important to far too many and some legislators are going along with the onslaught on Christianity and the Bible, the very basics of living a good life, the teaching of Christ.

Samuel Schultz, son of new neighbors Mike and Cathy Schultz, came by looking for the owners of two stray dogs. It appears Dogwood Hill is a drop off for unwanted dogs. People do this rather than taking these dogs to a facility in Springfield. Most of these animals are inept at hunting and when they get here they are hungry and thirsty and at the mercy of drivers, ticks, fleas, and most of them have not been neutered or spayed, which adds to the problem. Mike and his son, Samuel, are working daily on the house and hope to be able to move here in a few weeks. By the way, the stray black and white pug-faced dog is still in my kennel.

I received a phone call with many questions regarding politics. These days with people trying to be socially accepted many names of various groups and lifestyles have been softened. I was asked about conservatives, liberals, socialists, moderates what is the true meaning of these words and how do we identify ourselves as one or the other. With the media twisting and turning on every topic it is leaving people confused. I consider myself a conservative, one who believes in God and in our Constitution. But perhaps others may think differently on this. To me, liberals are for helping those who refuse to help themselves and anything goes; socialists for total control of our persons, health, finances, etc., good examples being the former USSR, China and Cuba. Moderates I view as fence riders trying to appease everyone (too bad it isn’t a barbed  wire fence). With a major election coming up we must be informed. At this point the have not people have control of elections by their very numbers as they are promised the moon. It seems no matter what rural Missouri votes, we are overwhelmed by the votes in Kansas City and St. Louis. What happens when we no longer have the funds to provide for all? That time is soon upon us.

We had an excellent Palm Sunday Mass at St. Leos, with readings of the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ. We each received palms fronds for our homes as a reminder of what our Lord suffered when he allowed himself to be crucified to attain for us the forgiveness of our sins. Well before Mass several of us worked with the three young ladies who are to receive First Communion on Easter Sunday, practicing their readings, helping them to feel comfortable when doing so.

There was quite a bit of shotgun practice at Randy’s place on Sunday afternoon. It can be heard at my place, but this time the dogs didn’t go crazy.

Patsy Williams called about the happy news that a birthday party was held on Saturday for Liam Brady Williams, 1 year-old son of Nick and Amanda Williams. Liam was born on April 1st of last year. Lots of family and friends attended the party and Liam wasn’t quite sure about all the gifts. Patsy had guests today at lunch time, Amanda and her three boys, Cheryce with her baby, and many others. Zach stopped by after work too. Next Sunday the Williams clan will have their annual Easter Egg Hunt out in the field undoubtedly there will be lots of good food there as well for all to share.

God bless and be well.

From the desk of Jamey Herd: Pleasant Ridge Baptist enjoyed a good day in the Lord with good attendance. Pastor Carl brought the morning message from the book of  Luke about Christ’s last hour before his crucifixion and his betrayal by Judas. Next Sunday will be Easter and I hope you have plans to attend service somewhere.You are always welcome at Pleasant Ridge. There will be a Sunrise service at 6 a.m. next Sunday the 8th. After the Sunrise service breakfast will be prepared and served at the church. Sunday school and morning worship service by marching in with palm leaves and singing songs in honor of Palm Sunday.

Business meeting was held on Sunday night with discussion being held about upcoming VBS among other things. A donation was made to the Dogwood Cemetery in memory of three recent residents who have passed away.

Cleanup and board meeting for the Dogwood Cemetery will be on April 14. If you have loved ones buried at the Dogwood Cemetery it is in need of donations for this years upkeep. Due to low interest rates there isn’t enough money to pay to fill in sunken graves and mowing. Donations can be made at the boxes at the cemetery or to Joan Workman.

I made it home last Sunday night from a trip to Houston, Texas to visit my sister and family. It was a great trip and I love seeing the Blue Bonnets in bloom along the highway. My daughter, Janice and children, came from Kansas and we went together driving my van. Billy Joe stayed home babysitting Janice’s dog Bosco, who is getting very old, blind and deaf. I think they made a good pair. Janice and I stayed at daughter, Susan’s, on Saturday night as we didn’t get in there until after midnight. Billy Joe left church early, to bring Janice’s van and the dog to Carl Junction to save Janice four extra hours of driving. The only problem was he fell from the steps at church into the gravel and skinned up his forehead and hands. After meeting me we came back to urgent care to get him checked out. Thankfully he is healing up nicely and didn’t need stitches.

We attended the funeral in Ava of Todd Brown, a cousin of Billy Joe’s. He was only 37 and died of complications of the flu. It is sad for one so young to pass away.

We heard this morning that a neighbor had cattle stolen this weekend here in the Dogwood area. If anyone has seen anything suspicious contact the sheriff’s office. Also keep an eye on your own property. It is sad that some people won’t work for an honest living, but take from those that do.

Aren’t the Dogwoods and Redbuds beautiful this year? I want to get out and get some photos before the blooms are gone.

The Coyotes have young ones and have been very vocal at night around here. Unfortunately they interrupt my sleep. Also the Armadillos have been coming in the yard at night, setting off our dogs barking and fighting them. Our Rat Terrior is quite a scrapper. She will tackle most anything that invades her territory.

I want to wish everyone God’s Blessing.