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Dogwood Ramblings

FOUND – Another dog!  This time it is a black and white male bulldog looking, terrier built type, no collar, first seen at Paul and Wanda Dugan’s place on their porch and then later as it was running up and down Hwy 14 it headed for my kennel building.  I called the little guy and he came running to my porch, right into my house.  He was hungry and thirsty.  I’ve called neighbors, Doc Johnson’s office, the Herald and the Sheriff’s Office.     I’m in the phone book so call if you are missing this dog.

Most of my computer problems are solved but now I have to learn to navigate new screens.  Brian and Tina Chriss came and helped me a bit as I only know bare bones about computers.  I’ve received some phone calls about people who are quite ill, having problems, but cannot divulge their names or problems so what is asked here is for you to pray for all with such problems.  God knows who they are!

Welcome is extended to Mike and Cathy Schultz who purchased the former Eva Wymer property on Hwy 14.  Their first job was temporary roof repairs, they found and had the well treated and now are looking for the septic system.  It will be some time before they can move in as the house was totally gutted by the previous owners as they were losing the property.  That destruction is a shame!

Don’t regret growing old, it is a privilege denied to many.  Remember, growing older is mandatory, growing up is optional.  Once you quit trying, you are all you will ever be.  Character is what we are; reputation is what people think we are.

My rain gauge is still in the garage so we are going by Randy’s gauge and it appears we’ve had well over five inches of rain and some ponds are overflowing.  This should make for some lush pasture.

The “improvements” to the McDonalds in Ava and many other areas of the country are not improvements and make those places look dowdy and uninviting.  Imagine all the money spent on this!  Of course, these projects did provide employment for many construction workers.  We must look on the bright side even if our eyes are offended.

Patsy Williams reports that Cheryce and Zack Schaaf’s baby, Matthew Scott, came home on St. Patrick’s Day having finally reached five pounds. Matthew spent a month in Neonatal Intensive Care at St. John’s Hospital.  A baby shower for Cheryce was held at the Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church while Matthew was still in the hospital.  A 3rd birthday party was held for Ethan Brady, Nick Williams little guy.  Both events saw many family members and friends sharing joy.  Patsy says she is so blessed to have so many of her family around her.

Here is a bit of information you won’t learn from our liberal media.  The State of Queensland, Australia, rallied against socialism on March 24th.  The socialists had held 52 of the 89 Seat House of Assembly.  Due to the election the conservatives now have 78 seats and the socialists reduced to 7 seats.  Down Under they can see the evils of socialism.  I pray America wakes up and follows suit as the left’s shrieking sorority insists that women would be barefoot in the kitchen and domestic slaves without leaders like Nancy Pelosi, Gloria Steinem, Jane Fonda and Hillary Clinton. Excuse me while I upchuck.

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