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Jr. Berry passed away this morning, Monday, April 16. My sympathy to Karrie, Mary, Vickie and the rest of the family.

I had phone calls from Debra Reed in Kansas, Linda Rogers of Illinois, Sandy Rackley of Tennessee and Danny Bushong of Hollister.

Danny Bushong visited Gene and Rheba Pool on Monday. He spent Sunday night with me and went home Monday. He has a new job and will fly to Atlanta, Georgia and back today (Monday). It is his first time to fly.

Donna Dodson, Megan and Macee were also here on Monday.

Keith, Melanie and Quin Breeding have all been sick.

Donna and Macee came by on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Quin Breeding went to the dentist Thursday. Donna, Reece, Megan, Macee, Chase and Bryse came by here.

Donna and Macee took me to town Friday.

Rheba visited me on Friday afternoon.

Quin Breeding and Grade Goss spent Friday night with Wyatt Johnson for his 7th birthday.

Reece Goforth attended a band meet at West Plains Saturday.

Megan Goforth visited Regan Koop on Saturday.

Donna Dodson and Macee visited Amy Hill and Billy Williams on Saturday.

Keith, Megan and Joe Schneweis went fishing on Saturday night.

Gene and Rheba Pool and Jo Stephens were here on Saturday.

Megan, Quin and Macee visited church with David and Donna. Quin and Macce spent Sunday night with them.

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