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Again Champion is awash in gratitude for the much needed rain and more for the absence of the dangerous weather that has caused such destruction to communities to the North, South, East and West.   Champions agree that good fortune is a frequent circumstance in their charming berg and can muster no complaint while they express genuine compassion for those suffering elsewhere.

‘Rambunctious’ is a big word used by an outspoken young lady, four and a half years old, describing a cow that her family recently took to the sale barn.  This is a very descriptive word that communicates well the nature of the beast.    The little girl now sees that being too high spirited and boisterous can have disagreeable results.  She is beginning to see that ’cause and effect’ is a concept worth studying.  It is interesting that ‘study’ sounds like such a chore to some and to others it is a way to get out of work.  One prominent Champion says that he has to use his dictionary to read the Champion News sometimes.  A favorite daughter-in-law points out that one of the most important rules of journalism is that the reader should always be able to easily understand everything that is being written.  It was the cause of some relief to her when she understood that there is not even a flimsy pretense of journalism at play here.

As it happens Bob Berry had his birthday on the fourteenth of April!   He does not get over to Champion as often as people would like, but springtime will have him out cruising the countryside in a fine looking Studebaker and everyone will be glad to see his pleasant smile and that of Lovely Mary as well.   It will be like old times.  He bought the winning ticket for the quilt that Esther pieced for the Skyline VFD Chili Supper last month.  One can just imagine the smile that put on his face.  His birthday may seem to come around more often than Aaron Linder’s does.  His is on the twentieth.   It is hard to believe that just ten short years ago Aaron was only five!  Amazing!  He is an eighth grader at Skyline School and has done his part over the years to keep it a lively and exciting place to be.  Testing is going on there this week so everyone is arriving well rested and properly nutritioned for success.   Champion!

About this time of the year two years ago it was noted briefly that “Champion is a bustling place—full of commerce, community and fellowship.  As for commerce, Henson’s Store on the North Side of the Square is opening an Annex on the West Side of the Square to serve as temporary quarters while the Historic Emporium undergoes some rehabilitation.  It may be disruptive and as a consequence, a curiosity, but the end result will be that nothing of significance will have changed visibly while the substructure is vastly updated and stabilized.”  As things happened, the rehabilitation process was considerably more expansive than all but those in the know could have imagined.  Now even the infrequent visitor to Champion has become accustomed to the changes and most would agree that the ambient feel of the place has not been altered in any unpleasant way.  It is an ideal place for conservatives who seek to preserve things as they are, emphasizing stability and continuity, while still not being opposed to the advantages of some modern improvements.  The Pepsi Cola folks were pleased to install a nice new cooler in the Recreation of the Historic Emporium recently.  Long years ago, back during World War II, before there was much pavement at all in the area, the Coca Cola delivery drivers would gripe about all the flats they would get on the road.  Rubber was an expensive commodity and tires were frequently of fairly low quality.  The Pepsi Cola drivers did not gripe about it so much, so Mr. Henson let the Coca Cola fellows know that they did not need to bother coming down to Champion anymore.  For a long time Pepsi was the favorite there, and Orange Crush and Grape Nehi.    It is a nice cooler and the addition of it has allowed for an expansion of inventory in the refrigeration section.   Conservatives can celebrate making fewer trips to town.  How Champion!

A pleasant visit with Esther Wrinkles on the phone reveals that one of her little tomato plants suffered a little frostbite the other night.  She agrees that it is a difficult year to figure out for the garden.  She is beginning to feel a little better over her foot injury, which was five weeks ago, but has grown weary of just sitting around.  She has friends and neighbors stopping in on her, though so she will not get too lonesome.  She said she has not been over to the Vanzant music in a few weeks.  Maybe this will be the week she gets out.  Sometimes just acting like you feel better makes it happen.   Champions hope it is true and send their best wishes to their good friend.  Meanwhile, Linda’s Almanac says that root crops can be planted up until the 19th, and then starting the 22nd it will be a good time for above the ground crops.  The rain has really improved the looks of things, though some are already griping about having to mow again.

“Who controls the past controls the future.  Who controls the present controls the past.”  That is one of the most interesting quotes out of the novel, “1984.” Certainly everyone is partial to his own history.  Veterans like to remember what caused the wars they fought in and those soldiers with whom  they fought and those at home for whom they fought.  Champions like to remember the Veterans. Practically any subject that can be thought of comes up for discussion down at the Conservatory that also serves as the Meeting Room at The Recreation of the Historic Mercantile on the North Side of the Square in Downtown Champion. Enjoy some coffee or a pop with friends and neighbors there and dredge up the past liberally.  For a nice chunk of Champion past go to  Tell the old stories until all the young people are sick of them and then tell them again.  Sing, “Don’t forget me, Little Darling, when I’m growing old and gray, just a little talk before I’m going far away. “ No use going anywhere but Champion!  Looking on the Bright Side!

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