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Sunday school lesson is taken from Acts, chapter 8. A very good lesson in that Saul continued his persecution of the church as Stephen was taken to his burial. He went into every house imprisoning men and women alike. The church was scattered to different places, but this also was used by God Almighty to have His word preached in different places where it had not been preached before. Phillip goes to Samaria and preaches. The Bible says “the people with one acoord gave heed unto those things Phillip spoke, hearing and seeing the miracles which he did.” But there was a man named Simon who used sorcery to gain the people of Samaria’s respect and honor in believing him to be “the great power of God.” When Phillip preached to them Jesus Christ these people believed and was baptized. In verse 13, the Bible says that Simon also believed, was baptized and continued on with Phillip. The apostles heard that the people of Samaria received the word of God and they sent Peter and John to go and pray that these that had recovered the word of God would also receive the Holy Ghost. This was needful because as of yet, the Holy Ghost had only fallen on those that were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. Then Peter and John laid their hands on them and they received the Holy Ghost. Now Simon, who had come to believe (see verse 13) asked Peter and John if he could buy this power. How much do you think Simon believed? Did he place a belief, but yet, was holding on to his previous sin. After all he had a great reputation among the people of one who had a great power. Peter corrected him and told him you can’t buy the gifts of God then he went on to tell Simon his heart was not right with God. Peter instructs Simon to repent and pray that God would perhaps forgive him. Simon then asked Peter to pray for him that the Lord would not punish him. Peter saw that Simon remained in the bond of iniquity and in the gall of bitterness. Help us Lord Jesus to turn all of our sin over to you and hang on to nothing. Help us to not be pleasers of men, but rather a humble servant with a humble and willing heart. The congregation sang and Susie Sisco sang a special. Brother Cub is in the hospital with pneumonia so lets all pray he will be touched by the Lord’s hand and he will be back with us next week. Brother Roy Hampton filled in and brought a good message taking his text from James 1:8-24, the third chapter verses 1-8 and St. Matthew 24:24-27. He did a real good job in reminding us to not judge another and if we do know of something rather than gossip, lets keep our mouth’s shut. He brought remembrance of the last days being upon us. This is a time when our Christian witness should shine that much more. It was great having Bobby and Donna Hull back with us and look forward to seeing them again.

Our second Friday night singing was a real good one even though it was Friday the 13th. That old superstition was proven wrong. We had a great time of fellowship and the Holy Ghost was there with us too. Praise God! I’m sorry if you missed it, but always remember it is the second Friday night of the mouth starting at 7 p.m. We have food and fellowship following the singing and a lot of fun so come join us.

Let’s remember our sick in prayer and especially the lost. Don’t forget to pray God’s protection over our military as they do service and please God, help America and our government to do your will rather than just the desires of men. Remember those who have had to let loved ones go from this life. Please continue to remember the family of Thetis Pruiett. This man and his sense of humor is going to be greatly missed by a lot of people including myself. May God bless you and if you don’t have a church home, remember you are always welcome here at Breedon Baptist Church.

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