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What a beautiful morning for this Easter Sunday. Praise be to God our Heavenly Father. It seems like a spring fresh start and how appropriate of a day since Jesus rose again from the dead giving us hope and a chance of a new start because He completed the plan of salvation and finished building the bridge back to God.

Brother Roy Hampton opened Sunday school with reading St. Mark 15:16-17. He continued reading  St. Mark 16.  Prayer was given asking blessing on our service, healing the sick, potection of our soldiers and God’s leading our government leaders to do what is right in His sight. He also prayed for those still lost in sin that they may be saved. We always want to remember the lost and let our lives be a witness to them to lead them to Christ.

Our Sunday school lesson came from  Acts 7. Stephen addressed the Sanhedrin and reminded them they continued stiff necked in refusing and even killing the prophets that God had sent to them just as their fathers had done. Stephen recounted history of Abraham’s commandments to leave his country and go to a land God was giving him. He spoke of Isaac begatting Jacob who begat Joseph. Both Joseph and Moses were instruments God used for their deliverenace and yet the people resisted them. They didn’t like it when Stephen told them they were still stiff necked and resisted the Holy Ghost just as their fathers did. Stephen looked into Heaven and saw Jesus saying, “I see the Heavens opened and the Son of man standing on the right hand of God.” What a glorious sight to behold. Stephen knew his time to die was here and as he was being stoned to death the witnesses laid their clothes down at a young man’s feet, Saul who God would change and use him for His glory. Even while Stephen was being stoned, he knelt down and asked God to “lay not this sin to their charge” crying it out with a loud voice. Then he fell asleep. He died in other words, but Christians don’t die. We just go to sleep to awaken on Heaven’s shore. At that time he joined the Holy Father and Son that he had just visioned. Could we be so merciful and forgiving that in the face of death we could ask God to not hold the sin of murder against them? God help me that I could. Doesn’t this remind you of Jesus crying out to God as He died on the cross, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Blessed be His holy and wonderful name.

Thank you Jesus for your mercy and grace to die for sinners such as I and then resurrect so that we too could be changed from a sinful creature, living eternally with Christ. He didn’t stay dead. He is out of the borrowed tomb and He is here yet today, ready and willing to save.

Congregational songs were sung and Susie Sisco sang a special. Brother Cub took the pulpit and read St. John 20 beginning with the 11th verse, through to the ending of the 31st verse, the glorious resurrection of Christ. Through one man’s sin – Adam – we were condemned to die and was seperated from God. Yet God performed the first sacrifice when He killed the animals to make clothes for Adam and Eve as they were naked and their eyes were opened to their sin and disobedience resulting in their shame. God covered them and though they were punished He still loved them. By one man’s sins we were all made sinners and by one man – Jesus we can be reunited to God our Heavenly Father by His cleansing blood shed to cover our sins. He didn’t stop there. Three days in the tomb then came resurrection that we too may be raised in Christ to forever live praising God. That tomb was emptied and Jesus is at the right hand of God as our bridge, our mediator. Friend, do you know him? Have you accepted Him in your heart and life? Seek Him now while He is here and can be found. There is coming a day of judgement by Almighty God and if you stand before Him without Jesus and His forgiving, merciful blood covering, you will face eternal hell and seperation from God. Jesus and His amazing grace is our only hope and salvation. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

Please remember the lost, my Christian friends. Let our prayers for Rick Crawshaw, Sue Thomas and Wilma Hampton continue. Also I ask that you remember the family and loved ones of Thetis Pruiett who passed away.

Have a good and happy Easter and God bless you all.

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