Breedon Church

Roy Hampton opened Sunday School with the reading of, Revelations 22: 6-13 and  prayer.  Lee Hampton taught the 6th chapter of Acts, about the first Deacon and instructions for the calling of deacon service.  Angel Haden, prepared one dozen eggs, with each containing one of the following: a donkey, money, a cup, praying hands, a leather belt, a small cross, dice, a small spear, linen cloth, a small stone and finally an empty egg, signifying an empty tomb.  With the opening of each egg, she showed the symbol and Brother Roy Hampton read the accompanying scripture; the donkey – Matthew 21:1-3, 6-8, the money – Matthew 26:14-16, the cup – Matthew 26:27-28, the praying hands – Mark 14:32-34, the leather belt – John 19:1, the crown of thorns – Matthew 27:27-29, the small cross – John 19:16-18, the dice – John 19:23-24, the spear – John 19:32-34, the linen cloth – Matthew 27:57-60, the stone – Matthew 28:2-4 and the empty egg – Matthew 28:5-6.  What a beautiful way to tell the Easter story!

Congregational singing was blessed as well as our special singing by the youth.

It was good to have Brother Cub’s oldest daughter June and her husband John Dowden visiting us today.  She assisted Sister Susie with the singing, then Brother Cub joined them in singing an old hymn they used to sing as children.  Brother Cub took the pulpit and gave a sermon from John 19:16-37, of Jesus giving His life for us, to pay our  debt of sin.  It is too much for my simple mind to comprehend.  How can it be that one so perfect, laid His life down, that a wretched sinner, such as I, would have a way back to God, our Heavenly Father.  Yes, Heavenly Father, I appreciate you.  Yes, Son of God, what a wonder You are in these sinful days.  I’m glad our youth sang their song. How fitting it was, with this anointed Word of God, that was given to Brother Cub, to deliver to us.  Friend…do you know my Jesus?  If not, He still saves.

Until next week, God bless you all and have a good week.