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3-25-12. Brother Cub Lafferty opened Sunday school with reading the 13th chapter of Psalms. Danny Lee gave the opening prayer for the Sunday school lesson. We studied Acts, chapter 5 and what a great discussion on Ananias and Sapphira on what intent did they have in holding back part of the money they gained from selling their possessions. They were to give all and they disobeyed and lied in addition to that. The result of their lying and disobedience to God’s instructions resulted in their deaths. Be careful your sins will find you out. Help us Jesus to walk our talk and follow your guidance in what we do rather than doing what we think we should do. We are so unholy, but you are all righteousness.

Our weekly study questions were given. Susie Sisco was asked to pray a blessing on the offering. Worship service began with congregational singing. It was a great blessing to have Sue Thomas back with us to play the piano for our singing. We miss her, and Ronnie so much when they cant be with us, but we also understand why they can’t and pray God’s blessing and the blood of Jesus over their situation as well as Rick Crawshaw and Wima Hampton and all other requests of prayer.

Susie Sisco sang a special before Brother Cub gave the sermon from I Thess., chapter 1. As earthly parents love their children and supply their needs, so God our Heavenly Father does the same for us, but more perfectly. We were children of Adam and Eve and born into sin. God hated sin, but His love for us was given by the plan of salvation in and through His Son Jesus. When Jesus died for our sins and yet He knew no sin, a bridge was built back to God. It’s the only way back – Jesus and Him alone. Nothing you can do will be good enough – you can’t sing or pray pretty enough, you can’t buy it nor by your works although, they may be good, works will not get you to the throne of God. Only Jesus and Him by His grace will save our souls from eternal hell and seperation from God. Praise be unto God our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus for the plan of salvation. Yet Satan, the liar and father of lies will tell you, “live life to its fullness, you only get one time around and you’ve got plenty of time to accept Jesus.  Don’t listen my friend.  There has been many that have pillowed their soul in Hell by believeing his lie. Don’t wait until He shuts the door like He did on those Noah preached to before their doom by the flood.  Seek Jesus now while He can be found.  God bless you, until next time.

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