Ava Senior Center

Our menu for the week includes:  Monday April 2—Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, mixed vegetables, fruit.  Tuesday, April 3—Spaghetti, green beans, salad bar, cobbler.  Wednesday, April 4—Bone-in chicken, scalloped potatoes, carrots, cake.  Thursday, April 5—Taco salad, Mexican corn, refried beans, cookie.  Friday, April 6—Ham, sweet potatoes, beets, roll, pudding.

Our character word for this month is Hard Working.  Certainly we seniors know about hard work—we’ve had to do it all our life.  But this is a character trait we must instill in the younger ones of today.  I realize the work of today is not as hard as when we grew up, but work is still work and must be done.

Our activities include but are not limited to:  Monday—Arthritis exercise class 10-11, pitch tournament, OATS bus to Springfield.  Tuesday—DCCA Board Meeting, line-dancing class 1:00 pm.  Wednesday–Arthritis exercise class 10-11, OATS bus to Ava.  Thursday—Grace Health Care foot clinic, driver’s exam 9:30 to 3:30.  Friday—OATS bus to Ava.

The number of Americans 90 and older has tripled in 2010 to 1.9 million:  74 % are female, 37% live alone, 85% have one or more disabilities, 15% live in poverty with a median annual income of $14,760 and 48% of that income is from Social Security.  The 90-plus group is the fastest-growing segment of the senior population and thanks to the baby boomers, that trend is expected to continue through the middle of this century.

April is volunteer appreciation month and we must say again, how we appreciate those who volunteer here at the Center—Ruth Barrett, Mike and Charlotte Bock, Katherine Coats, Virginia Crank, Mabel Everett, Ulla Farrow, Heart of the Ozarks staff, Jerry Huffman, Blair and Pam Karges, Tommy Roberts, Jim Rosso, Ryder and Reba Scobba, Joan Small, and Mike Wilson.  We appreciate you very much—with so many budget cuts, we couldn’t do it without you.

Until next week, have a good one!