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Ava Lions Club News

The Lions board of directors met Monday to hear an update report on the club activities and put the final plans on upcoming activities.  This week the Lions went to Ava Elementary and Ava Middle School to test the hearing on all those school children. They then went to Skyline School and then to Plainview. Monday morning, they completed  testing  at Ava Victory Academy.

Over 700 pre-K through 8th grade were tested.  Ava Victory also tested the high school students.  After completion and tally only 12 students showed some irregularity with their hearing.  The school nurse will retest those students and if irregularities continue, then the nurse will contact the parents for additional testing to prevent any hearing problems from developing.  Lions who participated in the tests were Evelyn Cantwell, Jim Norman, Marge Norman, J.D. Morrison, Albert Valdez and Larry Morrison.

Monday evening certain committees met to put the final plans on upcoming events.  The next Lion sponsored event is on Saturday May 12.  It is the 5/10K walk run.  Sponsors and supporters are now being contacted and asked to support the event through sponsorship fees, prizes or contributions to the runners’ packets.  Total value of each runner packet is expected to exceed $400.

The route has already been established.  The start/finish line will be the Cross Point Church, one quarter mile west of the swimming pool on Y Highway.  The 5K participants will leave the church and proceed west on Y Highway to the driveway at Head Start. They will make a U turn and return to the church.  The 10K participants will go east from the church to the intersection of Y and 12th St. They will make a U turn at 12th street and head west to the Fred Bacorn driveway.  There they will make a U turn and return to the Cross Point Church.

The route will be clearly marked and will have guards at each curve and U turn location.  The road will also be clearly marked at each 1K distance so walkers and runners alike will be able to monitor their distance.

The Lions expect to have tickets from each of the Branson theaters and dinners from many Branson and Springfield restaurants. These items will be given away through a drawing.  All participants will have an equal opportunity to win those dinner and show tickets.

Cross Point Church will open their doors and allow participants to get in out of the weather as well as have access to rest room facilities.  Participants can expect to get free bottles of water, soda, milk, and various kinds of fruit and candy bars.

Registration forms may be picked up at local businesses.

We invite all local businesses to support our efforts to assist children with their hearing and vision problems by donating to the walk run or by making contributions for the runners’ packet.

After the walk/run event the Lions will then serve breakfast to all seniors and sponsors who participated in Project Graduation. That breakfast will be served at the concession facility at the Fox Trotter location.

Anyone interested in becoming a Lion or wanting more information may contact any Lions member or call 683-0188.

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