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Ava General Baptist Church

Our hope is that everyone received a blessing from the Easter celebration last Sunday.  Isn’t it great to know that Jesus loves us so much and we give thanks for His sacrifice but praise and joy for His resurrection!

Our worship this Sunday was from the scriptures of John 15:1-8.  Bro. Oren asked us if we could say that we are authentic Christians. Does Jesus live in our hearts and do we bear fruit for Him?  We are authentic if we love Jesus with our whole being and we want to honor Him by living in His Will.   In our scripture this morning we are reminded that Jesus is the Vine and we are the branches, with God as the great gardener.  Our job is to produce good fruit that glorifies God. Our fruit can be many things.  We bring the word to unbelievers, we have joy and love in our hearts, we pray for others and we live in Christian faith and have godly character. If our fruit becomes rotten or we turn from Christian values, God will cut us off the vine.   We will crash and burn without Jesus in our lives.

Our prayer needs are many, but we know we serve an awesome God and he hears us when we pray.  Remember those facing cancer. Pray for Dr. Jim Murray as he faces treatments and remember Cindy Fitzgerald and Dain Smith.  Be in prayer for those who are facing hospital stays or recovering from illness and surgery.  We want to remember Irma Evans, Louann Curry, Leroy Dry, Lorene Maloney and Dwight Hart.  They need God’s comfort, healing and blessings.

Praise God for another baptism this morning in the late service.  Pray for Jennifer and keep her lifted to the Lord for guidance in her life.

We need those volunteers who are building a Butterfly house for our Vacation Bible School program, to have them completed by May 1.  If you are unable to make the houses, please let us know so we can make other arrangements to get them done.  We appreciate you all so much for helping out our children in VBS by volunteering your gifts.

We hope you will find some way to shine for those who need to see the light of Jesus in us.  Remember to be kind to one another.  Be patient and show compassion to those who need it.  Show love and joy to others who we may find it difficult to show love to.   Hebrews 13:1-2 say that we must keep showing hospitality and love to strangers.  You may be in the presence of angels and aren’t even aware of it.

Have a great week and we hope to see you Sunday.   God Bless.

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