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Ava Assembly of God

We were blessed with another beautiful Sunday to go to the house of God today. The band this morning sang a hymn. Sister Charlotte Koop sang a special song for us this morning that we truly enjoyed.

Don’t forget that the COLLIDE service is at the performing arts center this Wednesday night from 6 p.m. till 9 p.m. Will have food from 6 to 7 and services from 7 till 9 Brother Buddy Boyd will be the speaker.

We had Brother Steve Sobey a missionary to Nicaragua speak to us for a little while before the morning message. He told us a story of a 12 year-old girl that accepted and she was born a mute, but they asked her about praying for her and she nodded her head they prayed and the first word she ever spoke was Jesus. He also told us about taking small steps of faith that brought about great things over there. Lets all remember to pray for him and his family as they minister over there.

The message this morning was from Acts 5:12-42 about faithfulness on how we need to act, work, and minister like Jesus and how it’s different on knowing the good news and being the good news and everything we do counts all the time. This generation is looking for a life change, they are looking for faithfulness in Christians not just in church, but in our everyday lives. The world has seen enough phoniness, it needs to see faithfulness and our lives being real serving Christ everyday. Pastor Buddy brought a message that should make us stop and look at ourselves and ask where we are at spiritually.

Don’t forget next Sunday is Easter Sunday and you will not want to miss a message that will shake you to the core! Our services are at 8:30 and 11:00 Sunday morning and at 6:00 Sunday night and Wednesday night. Please come be with us next Sunday if you don’t have a church home we would love to have you.

Thought for the week; You may depend on the Lord, but can He depend on you?

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