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Bonnie Phipps had Easter dinner at her house and those present were Roy and Linda Freeman, Bonnie Phipps, Cecilia Edwards, Ken and Debbie Cederlind, and Moe and Kaylynn Todd. After dinner they all went over to Roy and Linda’s home and visited the rest of the day.

Bonnie became great grandmother two times April 12th when Kaylynn Todd had a baby girl named Alaya Lynn Todd in Springfield, and her sister, Courtnie Vigessa, had a boy later on in North Dakota and named him Wesley David Vigessa and he has a big brother, Wylie, who will probably want to take care of him when he gets out of the hospital.

Debbie Cederlind is the mother of Courtnie and Kaylynn so this is her first grandbabies.

Mark and Mark Weston came by last Monday and brought me some cooked fish and were they ever good.

Tara brought Jett and picked him up that evening. Ava O.E.S. had a special meeting and the grand officers came down and initiated seven people people into our chapter It was beautiful to watch the Grand Officers work and I learned a lot by watching.

Tara brought Jett over last Tuesday and Kendra came and the two went to work together.

Tara brought Jett Wednesday and Lakota came when she got out of school and ball practice and stayed until Justin came and picked him up. I went to Bible study and it was good again. Those that were there were Don and Evelyn Bryan, Nina Carter, Martin Hathcock, Kay Hutchison and Hellen Blakey, Jewell had taken Tom up to St. Louis that day.

Thursday I didn’t get Jett until after noon so I got some baking done and that night I took it down to Dan Herrell for the benefit for Jarrett Dougherty.

Friday morning I had two tenth of an inch in my gauge and then I got one-tenth of an inch on Saturday, Sunday when it started raining until 7 p.m. I had one and one-tenths of an inch in my rain gauge and finished up with two-tenths more.

Friday afternoon I went down to Branson to the Castle View R.V. Park where my son, Vernal and Ellen Blakey had their trailer and stayed with them until Sunday morning when I left and came back up to Ava for church.

Now to get back to why I went down there is Ellen’s, brother, Charles (Chuck) Vaughn and Karen Jacobs eloped April 6th so Saturday we celebrated their elopement.

Karen wanted a Christmas wedding but when Chuck proposed to her she didn’t want to wait until December so Ellen and Shirley decided to gave her a Christmas reception, the building was beautiful when it was all done with trees and an angel on very table with a heart shape dish with marbles and red heart candle in the middle with water around it. This all set on a round or square mirror. The table cloths were green and red except the one the bride and groom sat at and it was good with a whilte lacy cloth. Christmas lights were on the ceiling. It all turned out beautiful and Karen loved it. Karen had her parents there, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred and Barbara Jacobs, Chuck’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. William and Delores Vaughn, two sisters, Shirley and Less Muncy and family, Ellen and Vernal Lakey, two brothers, John Vaughn and Bubba Vaughn and lots of others relatives and friends.

Food was served and then the bride danced with her father and the goom with his mother. Later on the couple opened the gifts and every one left and some went down to Chuck and Karen’s trailer and sat around a camp fire and Dan Raborn, a friend, played the guitar and they sung songs. Some I didn’t know.

Let’s keep all our sick folks in our prayers, some have been answered, but there are lots that are still sick.

My prayers and sympathy go out to all who have lost a loved one.

Lets keep our leaders and the men and women in the service and their families and the ones in training in our prayers.

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