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Talking with Bonnie Phipps and she said all her flower beds are cleaned out and the weeds in the pots are too.

Cecilia Edwards is well enough to be under the wheel again and I know she likes that.

Last Saturday I went by Clinkingbeard’s and saw Toni and got some pictures from her to send to Bill Edmonds.

Las Monday when I went to take my news into town, I stopped by and visited with Stella McKenzie and I took some letters to the post office for her because I had to mail one myself.

Tara brought Jett Wednesday and then after school Lakota came and stayed with Jett until Tara came and got Jett because we had a business meeting before Bible study.  Feast of unleavened bread was a interesting subject so this Wednesday business meeting the topic for Bible study will be feast of first fruit.

Last week attendance was Don and Evelyn Bryan, Martin Hathcock, Bessie Hall, Jewell Elliott, Hellen Blakey, and Nina Carter.

Thursday Tara brought Jett over and when she came and picked him up I took some eggs over to the girls and Dr. Jorden before I went on over to Tom and Mary Martha.’s

Tom and Mary Martha Williams, Marie Dickey, Doris Morrison, Carol Moore and Hellen Blakey all went to Jerry’s Whirl Winds meeting at the El Rancho Truck Stop & Restaurant.

Monica and Joel came up Friday after they got back from their trip and picked up their dog Ruger which they brought to me on the 20th while they were gone.

Nina Carter stopped by and visited with me for awhile.

Saturday afternoon when I got my apple cobbler baked Bill Edmonds called and talked for quite awhile, he had received the pictures I sent him and he won’t be coming back in June for our Blakey reunion.

Saturday night the O.E.S. put on a Spring Fling Dance for single and couples and all the proceeds goes to the children of Douglas County, I don’t think we made very much because there were only two couples, one single guy, four single women and two young ladies plus nine O.E.S. members.  We appreciate the ones who came out anyway, the music was great and we thank Mike Bock for it.

Bro. Scottie Eaves did another good job for us the Sunday he preached from Galatians 5 and his thoughts was on the unmovable.

Night service was preached from Luke 10.

Marsha will be operated on in the morning so keep her in your prayers and I heard that Jim Haden isn’t doing too well so keep him in your prayers and all the other sick folks.

There are lots who will be going to the doctor this week from Mt. Tabor Church.

My prayers and sympathy goes out to all who have lost a loved one.

Let’s keep our leaders and the men and women in the service and their families and the ones in training in our prayers.

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