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All Around Bradleyville

Hope everybody has been enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having. We have had the heat on in the mornings for an hour or so but it isn’t long before we are turning it off and opening the windows or even turning the air on. I have a couple of hummingbirds that have shown up at my lone feeder I hung outside a few weeks ago. It won’t be long until there are dozens swarming around several feeders I hang in the trees in our back yard. I have one feeder that hangs right outside the dining room window. I have to have a stepladder to reach that one, but it is worth it to see the hummers close up.

I got to babysit Garrett last Saturday evening while his parents went to a movie with Scott’s dad. If there is one thing in the world that lets you know you are getting older, it is babysitting a thirteen month old child. Busy, busy, busy is all I can say. I am thankful he is so busy, but it sure keeps us on our toes. I had almost forgotten all the places a little one gets into that he shouldn’t be getting into. I am going to have to get busy myself and do some baby-proofing. He found out he could take two of the knobs off my cook stove, and now two of them are missing. I’ll find them somewhere soon, probably in the cupboard with the canned goods, which was another favorite place. My daughter Alicia reminded me that when her daughter was small, they had to take the cook stove knobs off the stove when they weren’t using it or she would turn it on.

The Bradleyville School Prom was last Saturday evening. It was to be held at the Hilton in Branson but due to the tornado damage they had to re-locate, so it was held at the University Plaza in Springfield. Prom Queen was Junior, Danielle Crouch and Prom King was Senior, Jessi Laughlin. They are first cousins and also both are my grandkids. They stopped by my house before Prom, along with another granddaughter that was going with them, Courtney Laughlin, and I took several pictures. Of course I thought they were beautiful. In fact, all the prom pictures I have seen of the kids have been very pretty. We have very good-looking kids at Bradleyville but more important, I think, they are good kids.

I had a message on my answering machine from Pete Knight of Washington State last week and called him back to verify my information because my answering machine cuts out sometimes and I can’t always understand the messages. Pete grew up in this area, up Caney Creek, along with my dad, Willie Sloan and Glesco and Floyd Roberts to name a few and still has lots of family here. Pete and I had a nice visit and he was telling me that he and his wife, Novella will celebrate their 72nd anniversary on May 3. That is very newsworthy in my opinion so wanted to give it a special mention.

Birthdays: April 26: Austin Adams, Mitch Cummings; April 27: Sammy Clemans, Jerilyn Day, T.J. Day; April 28: Andy Adams; April 29: Randy Adams, Luene Johnson; May 1: Echo Combs; May 2: Nicole Hunsaker; May 3: Bill Birdsong, Cindy Clark, Sara Jane Fleharty, Marnita Hughey, Kim Scott, Breanna Terry.

Anniversaries: April 26: Raymond and Jeanette Johnson; April 28: Tom and Kathy Tilley; April 29: Denzil and Lila Roberts; May 3: Pete and Novella Knight, Kevin and Robyn Tweedy.

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