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All Around Bradleyville

Trees and grass and all growing plants are filling my part of the world with green. I love the cooler temperatures that have moved in, making it feel more like spring instead of a premature summer. It rained a lot here over the weekend. I’m not sure how much because I put my rain gauge away last fall and haven’t got it put back up yet. My rosebush that is in full bloom got so heavy with the rain it is almost lying flat. I don’t know if it will straighten up with some time in the sun, or if I will have to prune it back.

Turkey season has started so I won’t be seeing much of the hunters in my family until it is over. Up early in the morning to go hunting, then a few of them go to work, a few to school, then in the evening they are gone to scout out turkeys for the next morning, then home to eat, shower and sleep on the couch until bedtime. The next day it starts all over again. I hope they all fill their tags during all that hard work.

I was talking to Helen Maggard and she was telling me that one of Burl’s aunts, Muriel Day, passed away last week. Muriel was the last of twelve children of Burl’s Grandmother (O’Neal) Hayes. Muriel was married to Cleo Day’s brother, Robert Day. She also was telling me of the passing of one of Burl’s cousins, Arnold Eugene O’Neal. Arnold lived in Warsaw, Mo. Arnold was also Cleo Day’s sister’s son. Our sympathy to their families.

The Bradleyville Scholar Bowl Team was the winner of the District Tournament last Saturday and four of the students made the All-District Team. Next they will compete at the State level.

Softball season is in full swing. Bradleyville girls had a win over Chadwick in softball last week and have a few more games in the coming weeks. I don’t have a schedule so you can call the school if you are interested in going to a game.

Birthdays: April 19: Brandi Johnson, Matthew Maggard, Savannah Norwine, Waylon Stafford; April 20: Tanner Lux; April 21: Kelsie Horner; April 22: Braydon Maggard; April 23: Misty Harmon; April 24: Bradley Combs, Courtney Laughlin, Shane Whittaker; April 25: Gayle Blair, Debbie Combs, Jesse Pollard.

Anniversaries: April 20: Wayne and Donna Grigg; April 23: Mack and Hester McBrittney; April 24: Sam and Nona Norwine.

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