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All Around Bradleyville

The weather is so beautiful, I can hardly believe it is just barely April and not June. The trees have leaves already, the Dogwood has bloomed, but no, I still don’t have my garden plowed. I did notice our neighbor, Delbert Johnson has his plowed and probably planted by now. 
We will need some rain soon if it stays this warm. Dry is good if you work in the woods like Bob does. It is so much easier to get around in the woods and not be stuck in the mud and tearing up equipment. But we are also livestock farmers, so we need rain for pasture. Goodness, I’m glad I am not in charge of the rain and weather; I would have it messed up big time.

Congratulations to Jeff and Dawn Marsh on the birth of a beautiful baby boy on Friday, March 30. Michael Jeffrey weighed a hefty 9 lb. 1 oz. and was 20.5 inches long. Big sister, Emma Grace had a very sweet smile on her face as she held her new baby brother in the picture I saw of them.

New Mansion Church will be having their Sunrise service on Easter morning starting at 6:30, with breakfast at the church at 7:30. There will be an egg hunt right after the regular church service, around noon. Everyone is welcome.

Bradleyville School Band went to districts at Hollister last Saturday and several members including the group my granddaughter, Courtney Laughlin plays her trumpet, scored a 1 rating and will be going on to State.  I also know that Nikki King scored a 1 on her solo and so did Ellie Combs on her saxophone. I don’t have the information on the others, but congratulations to all of them.

Hayden Crouch and Cole Thomas both got nice big turkeys in the youth season held over last weekend.

Not a lot of news this week, call or e-mail me if you have a birthday, anniversary or anything you would like included in the paper. I am editing my birthday and anniversary lists, so if you have a name you would like included and I haven’t been putting it in the paper, please contact me and let me know. My number is 796-2651 or e-mail at

Birthdays: April 5: Tampa Rogers, Kelvin Whittaker; April 6: Carole Gott, Nick Norwine, Samantha Rogers; April 7: Kayla Day, Jackie Hall, Hailee Storts; April 9: Tyler Hankins; April 10: Shirley Hall, Sharon Maggard, Beverly Smith.

Anniversaries: April 6: Don and Robyn Whittaker.

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