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We surely received a down pouring of rain Sunday. The ground is now saturated, and branches and creeks are overflowing. The jonquils and daffodils are bowing their heads, many on the ground from the hard rain.

National Missions was last Sunday, and donations go to help a new church in Greenbriar, Arkansas.

Fishermen at the Lake Norfork got rained out Sunday afternoon. Many had to cut short their fishing and leave early in the evening.

Redbirds and robins are busy at the feeders, but headed for the cedar trees for protection from the hard rain. Soon the little hummers will be coming when we get more settled weather. It’s still a little too cool for them.

Josh and Samantha Mayberry brought their new baby girl, Lillian Jane, to church Sunday at two weeks of age.

Happy Birthday to our St. Patrick Day girl, Dana Taylor, who celebrates on Saturday the 17th. She keeps busy working on her job and feeding her cows when home at Brixey.

Norine Loftis and daughter visited Bonnie Luna Friday night.

Theresa Bridges and daughter spent the weekend with her mother. Ernestine Gaddy, and attended church with her.

Mammoth Church will host the Ladies Prayer Brunch this coming Saturday at 10:00 a.m.

Sam and Donna Weaver, Jon Baltz and Paralea Rea attended the installation of officers in the order of the Amaranth Saturday, in Cape Girardeau, MO.

Since we have had a mild winter the ground wasn’t frozen, and insects have had the chance to multiply, so we may have a battle with the pests this spring in our gardens.

Geneva King called one day last week to check on everyone here that she misses since moving to Hollister.

Irene Corp had Sunday dinner with friends, Terry and Sandi Wyrick of Mountain Home area.

Just a thought, “The trouble of talking too fast is that you may say something you haven’t thought of yet!”

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