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We really had a strong wind Saturday, but the sunshine was bright. Perhaps the wind was an aftermath coming from the west, where tornadoes damaged Branson and other places west of us. We can expect to have more stormy weather this month according to predictions and the almanac.

It was nice to get a call from Judy Breyne since she now lives in town. We miss her from our neighborhood. And we miss her husband, Paul, who passed away last fall.

Our Friendly Neighbors Club meeting was Thursday, March 1, as we voted to change the date from the 3rd Thursday of each month to the 1st Thursday and this will be quite a change for us.

Dave and Karen Davis were in Mountain Home last Thursday for an eye doctor appointment.

Dave Davises’ sister, Jessie Fasenella, in Rockford, Illinois reports a good health condition after having a heart catherization recently. Dave’s aunt, Lela Dean is celebrating her 90th birthday March 9th, at her home in Las Vegas, Nevada.

My grandson, Larry Davis, works in Branson, this winter and spring, on a large house, driving there and back each working day, along with a co-worker.

Happy March 12th Birthday to Ben Mitchell of the Dora area.

I had a letter from Sylvia Carson, now in N. Pekin, Illinois and she is doing well. She and daughter Teresa plan to come back to Missouri during Memorial weekend.

Since Daylight Savings Time begins Sunday, March 11th, we must not forget to turn our clocks up an hour Saturday night. We regain our one hour of lost sleep on Sunday, November 4th.

Mary Boze is still with her daughter in California, who has health problems.

Lilly Ridge Church had their bi-monthly dinner following morning services, and their business meeting after Sunday night services.

Two of my high school classmates, Rondo Prock and Bonnie (Cantwell) Reid, passed  away February 25th and the 28th, from the Ava area. Sympathy to their families.

Frontier General Baptist Church hosts the men’s monthly prayer breakfast this coming Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m.

There have been lots of Robins and red birds feasting on the grub worms and insects in my yard and garden. Since the winter has been mild, and the ground was never frozen, the birds can easily get the worms from the soil.

From the number of trucks and boats going toward Lake Norfork daily, the white bass must be biting! The lake is at its lowest level I believe. At least it looks very low, at Tecumseh.

Paralee Rea had lunch with Chris Johnson at Gassville, Arkansas Sunday.

Lisa (Davis) Keller and Karen K. Davis stopped in Monday morning for a short visit.

Theresa Bridges and Tammy Childress visited their mom, Ernestine Gaddy, over the past weekend.

Just a thought, “The best thing to save for old age is yourself.”

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