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Everyone has a dream. The dream is usually about getting married, having kids, a nice house, two cars, a good job, and so on. Whatever the dream is, most people usually get some or most of what they dream about. This is usually true, too. No matter how much of the dream one gets, though, it doesn’t seem to be enough. There’s always something else.

Right now, there is a lady who wanted to have a little girl. The good Lord smiled on her, and after several miscarriages, this one is well on her way. Is that enough? No. Just the other day, she was already stewing and fretting over whether there would be enough money to pay for everything. And so it goes. There’s always something.

A reading of Isaiah 55 says that there is something better than all of this. Even though the worldly things never seem to be enough, there is something that is enough. And it’s free! It says in verse two to let your soul delight itself in fatness. The Lord freely gives to those who seek Him. It says in verse seven that He abundantly pardons. Abundantly is a big word. I saw a flowerpot the other day that said you can’t out-give God, He has a bigger shovel. It’s true. His peace and presence is there for everyone. And he wants to be there.

The promise is in verse twelve. Joy and peace wait for those who return to their Lord.

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