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Once upon a time there was a tightrope walker.  He was so good that he could walk across the tightrope blindfolded pushing a wheelbarrow. Pretty amazing stuff.  After he accomplished this feat, on one particular performance, he asked the audience if they believed he could do it going back.  “Yes!” was the thunderous reply.  Then he asked for a volunteer to ride back in the wheelbarrow.  Curious thing, there were no takers.

It’s a risk, certainly.  The same is true with the story of the rich man in Mark 10:17-22.  The story goes that the young man asked Jesus what he must do to inherit eternal life.  Jesus reminded him “Thou knowest the commandments…” and then he lists some of them.  The man answered that he had observed them from his youth.  But had he?  He actually thought he had.  But then Jesus responded by telling him to sell all his possessions and follow him.  The man walked away grieved.

The pastor said, “Love thy neighbor as thy self.”  He cited an old statistic that said about 64 million people in the modern world are starving.  It’s a staggering number.

Now, if the rich man observed the commandments as he thought he had, why were there poor and needy all around him?  Isn’t the same true today?  Most everyone believes in God.  But, how many are willing to get in the wheelbarrow and take the ride?

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