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St. Francis Church

Sunday March 4th, was the second Sunday in Lent.  The usual Morning Prayer Service is replaced by the chanting of the Litany or General Supplication asking for God’s mercy; altar and vestment colors are violet.

This day is sometimes known as Perseverance  Sunday, in which Christians should renew their dedication to the Lenten season.

Bishop Hartley, based his sermon on the Gospel for the day, St. Matthew 15:21, in which a woman of Canaan begs Jesus to heal her daughter, who is “vexed by a devil”.  Since the Jews did not associate with  Canaanites,  the disciples asked Jesus to send her away but Jesus was so impressed by her faith, that he healed the daughter even at a distance.  This story is an example of faith and perseverance on the part of the woman and also one of the stories in which Jesus’ mission extends out of the Jewish community and becomes universal.

Congratulations to Lincoln Connell, whose Norwood basketball team, won their district championship and will go on to play in the sectionals .

Everyone is welcome at St. Francis Angelican Church (Traditional Episcopal), where Bishop Glen Hartley leads services, Sundays at 10:30 a.m. and Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m.  Our website is:

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