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The Praise Team opened the Sunday morning service with some new songs and did a fine job. We are proud to see our youth working in the church.

One young lady was baptized on Sunday morning.

Brother Roberts brought the message from Matthew 27:26-46, “The Cross.”

We had a guest speaker on Sunday evening. Sister Leann Crum brought a blessing with song then told us about Options Pregnancy, a program to help young women who are at a hard time in their lives.

Kim Huff celebrated her 40th birthday on Friday, March 9. We wish her a lot more happy years.

Sonya Huff had shoulder surgery on Tuesday and is recovering at home.

Nora Edwards and Jim Lund both had surgery on Wednesday and are both at home recovering. Leon Taber also had some surgery and is home doing lots better.

Several were out of church due to flu and allergies. We pray they will be up and well soon.

Delmar and I had a busy week, getting ready for garden season and sewing quilts.

Bevy Moore and I visited with Tabitha, Raylee and Caydee Burton on our way to Springfield on Saturday. We then shopped and ate and visited with Becky and Hailey Carter for awhile.

Those visiting in our home this week were Ray and Delpha Roller, Bevy Moore, Donna Bannister, Pauline Okhuysen, Stacie, Mahayla, Miley and Lucas Hamby, Becky, Hailey and Maeson Carter.

Until next week stay cool and get ready for another cold snap.

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