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We got two inches of much needed rain here in the holler. It sure feels like spring with all the flowering trees. I hope it doesn’t come a big freeze and kill everything.

We’ve had several calls from relatives in other states, asking if we had any damages from the storm lately. We have so much to be thankful for. We are so glad that the storms missed this area.

Tony and Lisa Richards brought Irene Richards from Heart of the Ozarks Healhcare Center to her home on Saturday for a while. I’m sure she enjoyed being able to come out, even if it was a short stay.

Several people from Goodhope General Baptist Church attended the play at the Stained Glass Theatre in Ozark Friday evening. It was titled, It Was When The Night Is Falling.” On April 19th they will present, Unto The Least of These, The Story of George Miller.

Jim and Cherrie Goetch from Long Grove, Iowa came for a short visit Sunday afternoon. They had been down in Arkansas and Branson on vacation. We are always happy to see them. Maybe they will stay longer next time.

God bless.

I’m sorry about the mistake I made last week. It was Ron Hunsaker who spoke to the youth at Goodhope General Baptist Church Sunday night on the fourth of March instead of Ron Wallace.

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