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2-27-10 The March winds are coming in early this year, maybe they will go away earlier.

We were in Springfield last week for Dick’s check up with his heart doctor. He got a good report. On the 17th, Kelly and DeAnn Thompson took Dick and I to Montana Mike’s in Branson for our birthdays. Kailey and Kyle and Georgia Sanders went with us.

The Plainview 5th and 6th grade boys and girls were in a tournament last week. I think Taneyville girls and Thornfield boys were the winners.

Until next time, God bless.

3-5-12. Spring is just about here. My little grandson brought me a bunch of those beautiful daffodils the other day. He found them above our house by the branch. He does that every year. He knows I love them. I looked out one day and  our south field  was covered with Robins.

Dick and I stopped to see Norma Cross and Kenny Hunt on the 28th. It was Kenny’s birthday.

We’ve been attending ballgames. The Pee Wee teams have a few more games, but the 5th and 6th grade games are over for this year.

Last Thursday, Dick Richards dropped Norma and I off at Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center while he went on down to see Helen Dobbins. He also visited with Ronnie Dobbins. Norma and I visited with Peggy Jenkins, Goldie Miller and Irene Richards. We always enjoy Roxie, Goldie’s roommate. She had to go the hospital recently, but is doing okay now.

We enjoyed the Life Church youth group with Ron Wallace speaking to our youth Sunday night at Goodhope General Baptist Church.

May God bless.

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