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Red Bank Church

Good day to everyone.  Today, February 29th, is a rare day only seen every four yearsBecause it only occurs every four years, this year is known as Leap Year.  My first encounter with Leap Year was when my bus driver, Chesley Teal, told all of us riding on his bus that it was his twelfth birthday that day, which was February 29.  We thought that he was spoofing us because we knew that twelve year old kids did not have gray hair and they were not allowed to drive a bus.   He finally explained to us that he was actually 60 years old, but because he was born on February 29th, he could only, truly, celebrate his real birth date every four years.  I was about 10 years old then when my eyes were opened to that calendar fact.  I don’t remember this being taught to me in school, even though, I’m sure that at least one of my classroom teachers had pointed it out to us before that.  I know that I taught it to my first grade students, and told them this story so they could remember it better.  Perhaps it didn’t sink in because I never related it to someone’s birthday.  Who knows?

We had a visiting speaker at Red Bank last Sunday.  Craig Carter came to represent the Gideons and present impressive stories about how placing the Gideon Bible in thousands of motel rooms and sending, language translated, copies to nearly every country in the World has changed the lives of many people.  He, among many other dedicated business men, spend many hours of their lives working, without pay, to see that everyone in this world has access to God’s Word sometime in their lives.  It gives us great pleasure to support this worthy cause.  It’s one way all of us can be missionaries.

Brother Gary Lirley began the morning services by leading the congregation in hymns.  Brother Jerry Huff welcomed members and guest present.  Eloise Hallmark sang a beautiful song for special music.  Brother Gary led the Worship service music.

Judges, chapters 6 and 7 were the Scriptures Brother Les read for the sermon topic.  In these Scriptures we find the story of Gideon, a man of simplicity that God chose as His mighty man of valor to free the Israelites from the deadly grip of the Midianites and the Amalekites that had driven them to live in mountain dens and caves.  Even though Gideon did not understand why God would choose him, as he put it, a man from a poor family in Manasseh and the least in his father’s house, he eventually listened to the Lord, followed His instructions and did defeat the enemy.  By sending God’s Word out into every nation, we and these valiant men of the Gideons are defeating Satan’s army whose aim is to seek and destroy.


Visiting with Maxine Lirley last week was, Gary and Alice Lirley and Jeane Huff.

Monday, Gary and I visited with Pam and Bill Holland.  Gary enjoyed watching some of the Daytona Car races on her T.V. while we were there.  He was thrilled.

Well folks, that’s all the news I have for now.  Until next week, take care and enjoy this great weather, we’re having.  Remember that God loves you.

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