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3-12-12 Dear Folks: Where does a person even start to write about all that’s going on. Just hard to take in all the storms, damages and lost lives. It is so sad, but a lot of good people are pitching in to help. I watched the Nascar race yesterday and there are some of the drivers and owners giving a lot of money to Red Cross to help the victims.

We’ve got some good news. Walt’s granddaughter, Amy, had her little baby boy named Jackson and he is doing fine. He weighed 6 lbs. and 7 oz. and was 18-1/2″ long. We saw him last Thursday and he was two weeks old and just as cute as he could be. He sure did steal my heart. We met Rob and Sharon Allison at Silvis HyVee for lunch after we got all our running done and Amy met us there with Jackson. We all got to hold him and take pictures, ect. He was sound asleep the whole time and didn’t know anything that was going on. Bless his little, sweet heart. We had a nice visit with everyone. Sharon was getting ready to go to Chicago for an uncle’s funeral.

Dee and Rob Allison and myself have all had sinus infections. The left side of my head where my sinuses are have been hurting for over two weeks and I went to the doctor and got antibiotics for it and it was much better. When I ran out it started huritng again. My blood pressure was really high when I went in for my blood work last week so I’m supposed to go in today for them to check it again so I will tell the nurse about it hurting again.

I now have ny name on the list for a two bedroom apartment in Tipton. I don’t know how long it will be before one is available. I  hate to leave our birds and animals here, but I guess they’ll survive. I sure hope so. One day last week I looked out and there were robins all over the ground in the front and back yard. Then after that they all flew up into a tree and it was covered with them. While they were sitting still in the tree I counted over 130 of them, but there were a lot more. A big limb on the cedar tree in the back yard was blocking the view of them. I could see them, but not well enough to count them. They sat there for quite awhile then all flew to another tree, then after that I didn’t see them for a couple of days, but now some of them are back. I don’t know if they’re finding anything to eat. I don’t think there’s any insects out yet. Although we have killed a couple of flies in here and two or three of those orange lady bug-type beetle bugs and one or two box elder bugs. I’m hoping when I move I won’t have any bugs, spiders, mice or bats. And no coons tearing through the roof and all those joys of country life. I haven’t seen many spiders at all this winter, but there’s more mice than usual. We saw on t.v. where somewhere in Australia they had mice just thick all over the ground at night. A farmer had seen holes all over his field and he knew what it meant. So he drove his tractor out there at night and used it’s bright light to see that mice were running all over the field. I guess they’re really having a bad time with them in that area anyway. I feel sorry for them . I guess they will surely find a way to get rid of them.

I forgot to say that when Walt stopped by his house to pick up his mail, he said Candi’s fiancee, Jarred, was home sick with a fever and had went to the doctor and gotmedicine for it. I bet he’s got a sinus infection too. They said the allergies in the air are worse this year and earlier, so I think that might have something to do with so many people having sinus infection.

We haven’t got to see Ryan and Amber’s babies since right after Christmas. They’ve probably grown a lot since then. I look forward to seeing them again. They are so cute and sweet.

When I filled out an application for an apartment it said if you want to see one the one site manager will show you one, so I hope we get to see one before long so we know how much we can take with us and all that. I want to try to fix up the apartment in happy things like fairies, butterflies and birds so I ordered a bedspread with a picture that covers the top of a crescent moon and a fairy sitting on one end talking to the “man in the moon.” I’ve always loved that picture in the catalog and when they came out with a bedspread I just had to get it. I have a beautiful white canopy to hang over the bed too, so I’m anxious to do that and see how it looks. I think I will have a yard sale after the campground opens and try to sell some stuff. My landlord and wife got back home from Florida and I went up and paid my rent and she said they came back through those storms down South. It was raining so hard they didn’t know about the tornadoes until they got to Peoria, Illinois and spent the night and their son called and told them about the tornadoes they had come through. She said Larry was gripping the steering wheel so hard his hands were hurting. So I’m sure they were very happy to get home.

My “surprise lilies” or naked ladies some people call them, surprised me this year. They’re already up just thick. I don’t remember them coming up this soon before. I hope they don’t get killed by the weather. They usually come up the second time and bloom in August. I’m going to try to take my rosebush with me. It’s the prettiest one I ever saw.

Well we’re going to Tipton and get my blood pressure taken and do some shopping, maybe buy my birthday lunch a little early and we  will get to see Lisa and the other girls as we haven’t seen them for awhile.

Take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

P.S. The bedspread was made in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina and it’s weaved, so I like that it’s made in the U.S.A.

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