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Oak Grove Church

We enjoyed the beautiful sunny day the Lord blessed us with, this last Sunday and following Sunday School, we heard specials from Branetta and Beverly McNese and a quartette made up of Tom and Phyllis Bently, Lola Mayberry and myself.  Our morning message was, “Self-Analysis,”  from II Corinthians 13:5, where Paul says we should, “examine ourselves, whether we have the faith.”  It would be good if we all took time to examine ourselves and put ourselves through a regular “Spiritual Check-Up.” We should be actively seeking to grow closer to God.  At the close of service, we were blessed by a new addition to the family of God and we are still rejoicing.  After regular services, we adjourned to the fellowship hall for dinner and after a leisurely meal, we came back into the sanctuary for choir practice.

We could use more voices in the upcoming Resurrection Sunday Cantata. If you like to sing and enjoy praising the Lord, come join us!  And yes it’s true, I’ve been saving a seat for you for months, come take it (people are starting to talk).

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