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Mt. Tabor Church

A very nice, however windy day, was greatly enjoyed Sunday morning. We gathered together and brought all our petitions before the Lord for our lost loved ones, the bereaved, the sick and all other needs. We pray those who attended were blessed.

Brother Scotty Eaves and his family were with us in both services. His message was very timely for our present day and our churches, the congregation seemed to really be encouraged by both messages. We appreciate the preachers who have given of their time and effort to help us out.

Mt. Tabor Church is really in need of a piano player, if you play and are looking for a home church, we would love to have you come.

Brother Max Stephens will be our speaker in both services this week, please join us if you can.

Mae Cox’s visitors this week were Tom and Donna Nichols, Lisa Johnson and Jesse. Mae was able to drive to church this week, great to have her.

Martin and Mary Ann Hathcock had Don and Evelyn Bryan for Sunday night supper, following church. Pat Smith also visited one day with her folks. Mary Ann had a little spill at church, however, she seems none the worse for wear, thankfully.

Word is that Pat Lansdown is beginning to feel better, slowly but surely, our very best to her.

Tom and Jewell Elliott attended the service for Darrell Lakey last week. Visitors this past week with them were James Elliott, Friday, Bruce and Donna Pelham, Tuesday.

This past week visitors with Bessie Hall were J.C. Hall, Jewell Elliott, Kay Hutchison, Lisa Johnson and Jesse, and Kim Clements. Bessie and Kim ventured out in the warm sunshine on Tuesday, good to see her out.

Kay Hutchison visited with Clifford and Imogene Madewell, Monday evening.

Harold and Kay Hutchison attended the funeral of their high school friend, Max Wood. A tremendous crowd was there, a wonderful tribute to his life.

Jim and Maxine Lund were guests of Harold and Kay Hutchison, Tuesday evening. Jim had out patient surgery last Wednesday, and is making a very good recovery, released by his doctor  yesterday.

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