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Hello once again. Doesn’t time fly? It seems only yesterday I was sending my news in. And daylight savings time is busy saving us daylight once again. People complain, but it doesn’t affect me one bit other than changing all my time pieces forward. Oh well, some people have to complain.

I do complain about most changes, for I wish things could stay the same.

Not much happening in our community. I’ve had Burr, Kasey and Karen visiting. And I’ve had nice visits with my helper, Nicole. So I still enjoy my therapy sessions just as I did with Vonda. And I had a delightful time with Brenda, a nurse filling in for Kayla, who has been on a mission trip with her church group to San Salvador. It seems strange to me that young people only give you their first name for in my time your last name defined you.

Burr and Kasey helped Kevin and Joseph repair the old hay barn during the weekend.

Burr and Ruth helped Jessica hang some more rabbit cages. Jessica, my granddaughter, loves animals. Now in addition to her dogs and chickens, she is starting to raise rabbits. The dogs are her and her mother’s project and it is a business they enjoy.

I am certainly enjoying the fresh eggs she and Karen bring me.

Greg and Karen are getting their plants started in the greenhouse and have been working on their yard with help from Burr and their neighbor, Mr. Leschinsky. They are most appreciative. They are also adding to their young orchard. It is good to see young folk doing things their ancestors did before them. It is becoming necessary just as it was then. Only our hill people only had the land and forests for their survival. They didn’t have town jobs as their first source of income and they weren’t under mental stress then.

I didn’t go to club nor to church . I have not been feeling well at all, but am doing better today. I have a couple of doctor appointments this week and so I should feel much better!

I’ll try to do better at gathering news next time.

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