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On this 4th dy of March, the wind makes being outdoors in the beautiful sunshine unappealable. Everyday this month I have contemplated planting my early garden only to be driven back inside. I appreciated my grandson, Joe, and my sons, Kevin and Kent, getting my tubs ready. They had lunch with me Saturday declaring my soup to be the best they ever ate. Charlie came Sunday and said the same thing so I wish I had the recipe, but as I told them, “Just throw everything loose into a large pot of V8 and Beef or chicken broth and add spices, no salt and you have a healthy meal.”

I missed church today because I overslept due to a restless night and a tiring day. I instead read my Bible in Matthew. I think Jesus’ finest teachings are chapter 5 through 7. If only we would dilligently apply his teachings everyday our lives could be altered and the Sermon on the Mount is a wonderful guide. I contemplated what was meant where Jesus stated in Matthew 5:13 “Ye are the salt of the earth” (and you may read the rest) I think He was telling us to affect the world rather than be affected by it, because salt will affect its own surroundings.

My study Bible says the gospel is as salt’ it is penetrating, quick and powerful.

In addition He said, “ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid.” I benefited by studying the principles that Jesus taught in History’s “Greatest Sermon” (my italics). They are easily practiced by those who are born again through salvation provided by Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary. You must be born again and then follow Him.

Our church does not have a designated pastor since we lost Mark, but everyone helps and Dyanna’s messages are inspiring as are all the others who speak. Every Sunday night everyone takes turns speaking and since I do not venture out at night, I just wrote my message here. That should suffice.

I enjoyed and appreciated fully my day “out” with Karen Friday. I guess you could say she is my girl Friday. We came back by her house so I could tour their new green house in use for the first time this season.

When I was in the checkout line, I was amused by this young woman wondering if she had the right batteries for her kids’ educational toys. She jokingly asked, “how did you ever raise kids without batteries?” After I told her times were different when my kids were little. People do wonder how kids managed to gain creative skills or hand to eye coordination with only feed sacks, string, sassafras sticks, buttons, June Bugs, fireflys, cans, paper, etc. My kids cut their own fish poles. They made bows and arrows and paddles and wheels (now they required expertise in hand to eye and required creative skill). Their swings and basketball hoops were hand made, no batteries needed!

I am old enough to have knowledge of three generations. Even four with my grandparents generation over lapping into mine, I think Tom Brokaw calls mine “The Greatest Generation.” I think my kids were the “Baby Boomers.” They grew into mini skirts, 45 records, jacks, pinball, hula hoops and Mr. Potato Heads. They got to know the Beatles, Elvis, Aunt Norma, The Mousekeeters and they remember when a car was affordable as was gas. They shopped in dime stores, and they lived during a time when singers sang and if their jeans had holes in them it was not because they were fashionable.

Very few of us will remember when men wore their ball caps backward they were catchers and the only men with ear rings were pirates. Can you remember a time of no credit cards, e-mail, power steering, smart phones, TV’s, radios, even super glue. I can and it was a good time to live, pot was a pan to cook in. There was a time not so long ago when the only people you saw with pierced tongues were in National Geographic.

My generation managed to live through Prohibition somehow, the Great Depression and two World Wars. My first “Cold War” was fighting with my sisters over who got to use the bath water first. I’ve actually applied a poultice, sat on a one-holer, and used a Sears catalog for something other than ordering. During my lifetime we have seen a black man elected President going from a time when they couldn’t even mingle with those who thought themselves better. I certainly appreciate having seen this happen. We are all God’s children.

Now talk about generations apart – the grandchildren listen to rap, know how to program anything programmable, know how to search the web, how to boot up and down load, but probably do not know how to change the oil. They have never milked a cow or seen one milked. Furthermore they don’t wish to. They’ve never met Will Rogers, Patsy Cline, Allis Chalmers, John By or Old Yeller. Their palats have never tasted soakies, cocoa gravy, poke greens, possum grapes, nor sheepshire. Their loss.

Our generation of simple toys and imagination created a generation to put a man on the moon. I can’t even imagine what this new generation will accomplish.

And one of our finest accomplishments is making a long story short. So goodbye for now.

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