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The lawn mowers are humming now. Beautiful weather here in the Ozarks.

Saturday evening we enjoyed Junior and Betty Halcomb’s visiting us. I visited Sybil Harvill Friday. Brandon and Chris Morrison also visited Saturday morning.

Friday evening Lacy Powell visited her grandpa, Jerry Nelson.

Louella Rains found a lot of red mushrooms. Her husband, Bob, was on cloud nine.

Sue Rozell, Tim and Tracy Stepp visited the Stepp’s son and famly, the Todd Stepp’s  in Tennesee. Sue said the baby was growing and doing cute things.

We were glad for our attendance Sunday. We had 41 for Sunday school and 68 for church. Justin David sang two songs and Lisa Ellison sang one. Pastor James Orick brought the weekend messages. Mary Gibson played the piano. Melany Stevens was sick. Ervin and Sandra Maggard was at church. They said they were coming down after Ervin got over his surgery. Sandra was raised at Garrison and had several relatives. It was good to see them.

Russ and Gordon Jones visited us and we visited Buddy and Mary Gibson.

This is nice weather, but I sure hate storms and floods. I like showers often and you can see the gardens grow.

David and Glenda Halcomb went white bass fishing one morning. James visited David and fished together a few minutes. Fish wasn’t hungry that morning. They caught a few. I think they are biting better, but the rains may hurt. The Halcomb’s have been busy this week.

Budddy and Mary Gibson are back from Texas after visiting her daughter, Louella and Brent Hall. I sure enjoy being in church with them.

Colton and Wyatt Marler were enjoying riding their four wheelers Sunday in their field.

James and I fished Monday and Tuesday and done pretty good, but tired. We seen Jim and Linda Anderson sitting on their porch as we came in Tuesday. I told James later that’s what we need to be doing. Sure would not be so tired. They shocked fish at Forsyth and I wanted to go on Tuesday night. I just could not go back. Old age has arrived!

Garrison Baptist Church will have sunrise services. Plans are for outside. They go upon a hill above the church. We will come back for a big breakfast. We welcome you to join us. For location call 683-2689. Attend with us and if your church has regular 11 a.m. Easter services, you can have a full tummy to attend your church.

Remember may we be a better witness today for God than we were yesterday.

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