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A pretty Sunday God has allowed us to have. I guess we have a touch of garden fever. We planted a row of peas. I think me and Lou Raines are a like, we don’t have much luck with peas. We planted a small bed of lettuce, spinach and radishes. This keeps up as the old timers use to say the taters may go in the ground.

Sunday 63 came out for church services. Lisa Ellison sang a speciel and then she and grandson, Wyatt, sang one. I told her I wasn’t going to let her claim all that talent that Wyatt has on her side of the family because he gets it on both sides. His great grandpa, Amos Thomas and my mom loved to sing and his great uncle, Ronnie Thomas, is a good singer. Here a while back, Ronnie called and I enjoyed our visit by phone.

March 2 James and I visited Roger and Irene Swearenging, we had a nice visit.

James said what we planted in the garden had come up and looked good.

Clint Johnson preached his first sermon at Union Hill Church Sunday night. We wish the young man and his family the best.

Donnie Cummings visited us Tuesday night. We enjoyed him.

Sunday, March 4  the little ones sang and Pastor James Orick brought the message. 58 were present for services.

Bub and Melissa Payne were back last weekend. They went to Tennessee to see their new niece. Bub’s mother, Tammy, will be back this Sunday evening.

Garrison Church sends a special welcome out to attend any or all services. Remember to set your clocks up an hour. Spring forth and Easter is around the corner. I sure hate our mailing system. It is going to be a mess, but we haven’t seen anything yet.

Sunday evening I visited Sybil Harvill and grandson, Keith Williams.

Sunday night James read some scriptures and talked and had prayer. Bub Payne led a testimonial service. Everyone enjoyed it. Come join us because we care.

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