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Hello from our home to your home. We look forward to a spring like day with temperatures up into the sixties and the opportunity to get out and enjoy a van ride this morning.  Our van rides are an  educational break in our regular routine and we really appreciate those times of outside fellowship.  W have viewed much of our area never viewed before as we never have the time or reason to travel the little off roads where many people live in nice homes with their farms and animals. It has made us appreciate more fully this great area in which we all have lived for several years.

On one van ride Connie stopped and picked up a nice flat rock for me to paint.  I had spent some time cleaning the rock and bleaching some discolorization on one side of it, so it beckoned to me yesterday for paint and I decorated it with a “God Bless This Home” on one side and “God Bless Amercia” on the other side.  It is quite attractive as a door stop.  I like to keep some project in preparation.

Yes, we did go on the van ride this morning down to Leon Coombs Elk Creek Ranch.  Connie was adventerous enough to drive down Elk Lane and we got to see many elk of all different ages and sizes in several separate fields, but we wondered why none had the magestic racks of horns we expected to see.  The rear of the elk was light fur in a heart shape with a stubby tail right in the center of the heart.  They are beautiful and the very same in every one.   We noticed the pastures along the way were coming out in spring green and a warm day as today, will cause more growth.  Surely we will have more winter weather.  We did notice some household gardens already laid off in rows and partially planted.  Our stop at Sonic to make our choices was a treat as we began our trip.  One new thing that we tried was the sweet potatoes tots.  Delicious!

Good spring-like weather has held all week.  But, last night we had tornado warnings.  Our sleep was disturbed and we all were ushered into the day-room for safety.  Soon the all-clear signal was given and our nights rest continued.  We heard today that Branson and Buffalo had quite a bit of damage and deaths and it went on up across Illinois.

The other day we had a nice privilege to host a musical recital.  Students of various ages played their music for us and showed their talent. It is amazing what they are accomplishing!

We appreciate all the talented people who volunteer and come with their music and worship times and  help residents at feeding time and most of all play games with us.  It is a blessing to us all.  We appreciate it.

Our prayers and sympathy goes out to the families of David Graf, Joe Garner and Grace Irby. We would like to welcome new residents to our home, they are Maxine Turner and Catherine Boyer.

Congratulations on Allene “Wille”  Camp getting to go home this week.

God Bless You From Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, MO.

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