Happy Home Church

Brother Marshall opened with a good morning to all.  We sang for Jesus and  he asked for prayer requests.  There were many and Sister Alice led in prayer.  We read scripture from I Peter 5:1-4 and Sunday School class, began with our leader asking Naomi to lead in prayer.  The lesson was from Romans 15:13-16.

We had a lot of class discussion and it made for a very interesting lesson.

We missed our little angel for the ‘Coins for Christ’ gathering and we hope to see her soon, she needs our prayers.  Time to sing for the Lord and the choir was in good voice.  We gave our gifts for the Lord and the specials were from Brother Marshall, Sister Peggy and Sister Patsy.  Brother Paul, welcomed all with a great good morning.  He read scripture from James 1:4-24, prayed and gave us a wonderful message from God.  We closed with a song and a prayer by Sister Ulla.

Our evening service began with our prayer circle and it was strong.  Again, a lot of prayer requests and Brother Paul led in prayer.  We sang some great old hymns for the Lord and you could feel a blessing from the Lord as we sang.  We had specials from Sister Peggy, Sister Ulla, Bro. Jerry and Bro. Marshall.  Bro. Marvin ended the specials and began the message for the evening.  He used several passages from the Bible and all in the New Testament, Matthew, John and Luke.  It was a good message from the Lord.  We sang a hymn and Sister Mary dismissed us in prayer.

We will be having our Fourth Saturday Night Singing, on March 24th at 7 p.m.

Bring your songs and your instruments and join in the fellowship.  There will be a dinner, after the services Sunday morning, March 25th.  Come join in the fellowship.

Fourth Sunday Singing, will be at Breedon, at 2 p.m., Sunday March 25th.  Have a great week!  Keep God in you hearts and you will be blessed.