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On this beautiful Tuesday morning I’ll try and write some news. The wind will probably get blowing later, but it is still for now.

Last Saturday Karen and Doug Fredrick took Cole and Izzy Bradshaw with them to Mountain Home and spent the night with Doug’s Dad, Butch and Nita Fredrick. He, Doug’s Dad, hasn’t been too well.

On Monday of last week, Carol Wise of Springfield came and got Ann Collins and took her to the doctor. She spent the night with Carol and Riley, then Carol brought her home Tuesday. Ted Collins also visited with them Tuesday morning.

Chris Hartzell had company this past week, Jeannie ( I didn’t get her last name) from Minnesota. They came Friday and got Ann Collins and I and took us to West Plains for lunch. We browsed awhile in the book store.

Tracy, Hannah and Devin Griffith came after me Friday evening and I visited with them until Sunday evening.

Agnes Williams spent Saturday until Monday with Janet, Paul and Katlyn Smith.

Bertha and Dean Scherer went to the benefit for John Weber, Sunday evening at Vanzant. I think there were several there. Hope it did good.

Ann Collins and I visited a short while with Agnes Williams Monday.

My goodness my yard is full of the fattest Robins and I haven’t seen any geese go over, but I’ve heard they have been.

Happy Birthdays this month to Calvin Driskell ( I think his was the 3rd), Katlyn Smith on the 16th, Belinda Heath on the 17th, Karen Fredrick on the 25th, Bertha Scherer and Riley O’Shea on the 29th.

Minnie Snoody has a birthday this month, I think she will be 103.

Take care and God bless. Oh yes, we spring our clocks forward one hour Sunday morning.

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