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Gentry Church

Opening prayer to start our morning worship service was by Joie Welker.

In our Sunday school class we studied “The Fruits Of The Spirit.” We should have Christ-like love for God and others. Grow in faith, carry each others burdens and have joy and peace.

Happy Birthday wishes to little Gracie Howard.

Happy Anniversary wishes goes out to Rick and Donna Young and Steve and Vickie Miller.

Last week I spent Tuesday and Wednesday over in Branson and attended a Branson High School choir talent show where they had to perform with a family member so my son, Kevin and granddaughter, Hannah sang together on the show.

Harold and Beulah McGinnis from Marshfield visited with us Sunday afternoon.

Pastor Hall’s morning message was from II Chronicles, 34:29-33. We need to walk after the Lord and keep His commandments and statutes within our hearts. The influence life cannot be a success if Christ is not the head of it.

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