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Well looks like another beautiful day here in the Ozarks.

We had a good service at Frye Church yesterday. Bro. Jeff Rodkey was our speaker. We always enjoy Bro. Gaither’s singing and harp playing. We had lunch and fellowship after church and there was lots of food to be shared.

Our heart was saddened this week in memory of Donnie Hawkins. We just pray for the family in their loss.

I guess I’ll get busy and start another quilt. I finally got the last one finished. It’s something to do. I really don’t watch much T.V.

I talked to my little sis in Texas. She had another birthday.

She has her garden planted and part of it was up and looking good. She’ll be eating out of her garden before we can get ours planted.

Well the fishermen are talking white bass. I reminded them that crappie and mushrooms come along about the same time. Their friend, Kurt, is here and the three of them are headed to the lake. My prayer is that God will still the wind so they can have a good time and catch a few fish. They’ll have to go to work tomorrow.

Well not much to write about this morning so I’ll get busy. Monday mornings are usually a very busy time.

Kelly will be here on Tuesday morning to help me get caught up or finish what I’ve got started. I told somebody the other day that Kelly is my adopted daughter. We just don’t have the paperwork done.

No news, so I’ll sign off for today. Stay safe and always pray for our military and our country. Tell your kids and those around you that you love them and let it come from the heart.

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