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Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

Hello, I know it’s been awhile since I have written to everyone. Things haven’t changed too much. We still have our friendly skunk at church. Larry has poured three bags of concrete filling up his holes. This shunk is more dedicated to church then most people because even with all his holes filled in, the determined little fellow just dug a new hole. So, we still have our church skunk. Larry and Jimmy are making new plans for him now. Skunk or no, we still had a good church service Sunday. We even had our granddaughter, Alexis, with us. Like Donald always says kids make up a church, they are not our church of tomorrow. They are our church of today.

We were glad to have Francis and Portia back with us Sunday. Usually one or both of these ladies have to work and this Sunday they both were there for both services. Jonathon had his new baby with them at church Sunday. She sure is growing. I know Bud and Francis are proud of that little girl.

We have several events coming up. Next weekend is youth weekend. Lots of things going on, Tina is doing the study time next Sunday night. She and Rachel are also doing a ladies study night on the 24th of March. Donald and Bud said they would like to come, but we told them there were several requirements. I think they changed their minds after that. Donald was dropping hints for some of the men to get a men’s study group together. We’ll see how that goes.

Last weekend, Roger and I went up to the nursing home and played some dominoes with my mother. It was a close game for me and mom. Roger just got left behind. Howard and Phyllis came out to play cards one night, and I have kept busy going to my granddaughters ball games. It seems that we never lack for things to do, but sometimes I do lack for the energy to get everything done.

Roger and Bud have been busy working on our house, I keep adding to his honey-do-list (and bless the sweet guy) and he keeps trying to get some of them done.

God also has things He wants us to do for Him. I know that it seems life gets really busy, but we should never get too busy for God. After all without Him we wouldn’t have life. Something to think about, huh? So your lesson for this week, stop for just a few momeents and listen to hear what God wants you to do.

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